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TryItOn Launches First 3D Virtual Technology to Transform The Fashion Experience in Malaysia

TryitOn successfully launches their 3D Virtual Fitting Room that digitizes any fashion garment into high quality 3D Virtual Assets and allows fashion e-commerce businesses to incorporate this technology seamlessly with just a plug-in. The result is a to-scale exact representation of any person in the form of a 3D avatar and 3D fashion products for users to virtually try it on before purchasing, viewing how it fits like in a physical fitting room. 
With an aim to transform traditional fashion, TryitOn was developed to not only bring a new experience for customers but also introduces a convenient and sustainable solution for brands and businesses to thrive in the e-commerce digital world. The fashion e-commerce industry accounts up to 30% in refunds due to unfitting clothing and the Covid pandemic has also brought about changes that have reshaped many industries, fashion included. 

“We have gotten to a point where digitized virtual fashion products, or as we call them 3D Virtual Assets are so lifelike and real that it can’t be distinguished from the actual products. We can now virtually try on clothing and see how it fits, like in a physical fitting room. Unsure of a product, just try it on!” Daniel Loo, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder @ TryitOn TryitOn’s 3D Virtual Fitting Room plugin is available on Shopify as an App or can also be integrated on any e-commerce platforms, albeit with some configuration. 

TryitOn brings a plethora of digital technology which includes the popular A4 Fitting Tech that allows users to be measured accurately with use of an A4 paper, Augmented Reality live viewing that brings your entire avatar, fitting and fashion to life, and also 3D Facial Reconstruction for users to enjoy a personalized experience. 

Fashion E-Commerce businesses equipped with TryitOn comes with a dashboard, analytics and a tech control center so that everything can be managed easily. Apart from this, fashion e-commerce businesses can also use TryitOn’s 3D Virtual Asset A.I. development to reconstruct clothing products and garments in real-time or photoreal quality, all with just standard product images. 

These virtual assets can be used for anything from social media marketing, advertisements, merchandising, product viewing and best of all, NFTs with custom effects. All 3D Virtual Assets belong to the business and comes with a unique serial code. TryitOn aspires to help small and big e-commerce businesses in getting their brand out there to the masses with a personalized new experience, helping them scale consistently. 

On the future plan, TryitOn is currently expanding and enhancing its technology spread to include NFT 3D Virtual Assets and Metaverse-ready 3D Avatars. To learn more about TryitOn, visit or simply search and download the Tryiton app from the Shopify App store at for your fashion e-commerce business.

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