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5 Fun Activities To Do During Chinese New Year

CNY is literally next week and needless to say that we have a full week of excitement ahead of us. However first, a little bit of prep, so here are 5 fun activities to do with your loved ones to ring in the New Year, so have a look below.

1. Prep and Shop ahead for Chinese New Year

A fun activity to do with the family before CNY is to shop ahead for festive decor and goods; whether  it is shopping for fun decor to decorate the house, or good food and snacks (like Bak Kwa, rice cakes and more). 

2. Coordinating your outfits

Coordinating festive fits with the family and loved ones really spices up the new year and even more so when they are all creatively themed. There is definitely no better time than the present, so definitely plan ahead with this to ensure that everyone suits up accordingly on CNY!

3. Visiting friends

It is that time of year to visit and catch up with your friends, for a lot of them would be available to meet up during the CNY holidays. It's a good bonding moment for great reunions and it would bring back great memories like how it was back in the day.

4. Enjoy Game Time with Family

Fun times during the festive season includes family card games and not only would this be a great activity to do, but also make relationships between family members closer. It is a good way to connect with loved ones and it also brings in a lot of laughter to ring in the new year.

5. Time to Bake!

Nothing welcomes CNY more than the splendid scent of baked goods, and some festive favourites are pineapple tarts, cornflake cookies and more. Definitely a great activity to do at home with the family and it also would teach those who are younger to continue on this tradition too. 

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