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Feel the new Beauty Aesthetic with FREAKY NINE | The Temporary Korean Style Tattoo Review

Tattoos have always held a strong significance to those who get them, but for some of us who are scared of the pain that comes along with it, there are always temporary tattoos that sorts the fix. Plus the artistic ones that you see, especially in Korea are high in demand as well; with their minimalistic aesthetic and incredible creativity too. Personally we admire the amazing designs behind each of these artistic creations and seeing the amount of talent and expression that Korean tattoo artists have with these- even more so at FREAKY NINE; we can't help but want to try them and see how it looks on us as well.

Now FREAKY NICE is a brand that brings beautiful variety of Korean Styled Tattoos in collaboration by some of their most popular Korean Tattoo Artists. If you click in on the site here, you can see that they are all premium waterless tattoos and the designs are impeccably tasteful as well. 

Now each of these designs have different styles and meanings behind them which is unique and include a variety of dainty styles that include butterflies, the moon, fish, flowers and more. 

As you can see above, each design chosen has 2 stickers (you will have an identical one in case you mess up the first, no worries), an instruction and 2 alcohol swabs. As for how to utilise them, have a look at the instructions below.


How to use FREAKY NINE Temporary Beauty Tattoos

  • Take an alcohol swab and wipe down the area where the design will be places.
  • Gently cut out the design with scissors.
  • Remove the tattoo sticker from the white paper and stick it on to the desired area.
  • Press down on it for 20-30 seconds. Make sure you do not stretch the skin (this will make the tattoo wrinkle) but keep it relaxed for the application to go on well.
  • Lift the edge to see if it has gone on properly. If it has, remove it slowly and if you were to see a white outline as well, do not worry as that will disappear quickly over time.

Personally, we had tons of fun using these tattoos. The designs look beautiful and very aesthetic and upon application, they can typically last for about 5 days. Although we do admit that once we got onto the site, it was rather difficult to select the ones we liked because all of them were gorgeous.

However one thing to keep in mind though before application is to make sure that your skin is free from oils and ensure that the area is smooth (no hair or peach fuzz) for the tattoo to stick on properly. You would also need to make sure that the tattoo is pressed firmly for 20-30 seconds (more so for the larger designs) for it to go on properly and do remember to check on the edges as well before removing it too.

Now the tattoo would feel a little sticky right after the application so do remember to not wear something that would stick or shed lint as it would go on the tattoo. You can gently press it down with a wet cloth after application to ensure that it went on well but that again depends on your preference too.


How To Remove FREAKY NINE Temporary Beauty Tattoos

  • Soak the area that has the tattoo with warm water for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Evenly apply an oil based cleanser, leave it on for about 5-10 minutes then wipe down the skin in an upward motion.

 As for how long would the tattoo last, we would say that it would stay on for about 5 days before you would notice any significant cracks. So these are pretty great to utilise for functions and events for they certainly elevate your style for any outfit. Plus seeing with how many designs they have, you can definitely create so many different styles with them too. Additionally, if you do make an order with them, the brand usually processes orders in 1-2 days and ships them immediately on business days (excluding Korean holidays). 

So certainly check them out here as they are very comfortable to use and if you feel like it, you can also change up your style and designs every week too.

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