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OPI Mariah Carey's Pure 2013 Holiday Collection: 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat Review

Introducing to you the new O.P.I limited edition holiday offering - Mariah Carey's Pure.

Mariah Carey's Pure

Retailing at stores at RM99 a piece, this genuine 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat is inspired by the one and only diva Mariah Carey and is basically the bottled luxury for the holidays.

Packaged in a special limited edition collectible box, the color adds a subtle but luxurious look while allowing us to embrace our inner diva without breaking the bank.

With regards to the application, I started out with short trimmed nails.

Step 1: Cleanse your nails

Buffing them for even texture, the next step is of course to paint a color that would make the top coat stand out. I chose to opt for black.

2. Add the black base coat

I chose a solid black color from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. I got this lovely color from HiShop and I have to say it is extremely easy to apply. It is not thick on application and has a vibrant shine that takes place after putting a second coat.

2-1. Application

Now let's do the unboxing of O.P.I Mariah Carey's Pure 2013 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat.

Unboxed: OPI Mariah Carey's Pure 2013 18K White Gold & Silver Leaf Top Coat

The Top Coat

Spreading it evenly over the black, the top coat stood out vibrantly and added a precious metal texture to the solid hue.

The Application
The Pure 18K White Gold & Silver Top Coat features OPI's exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate application. This limited edition is now available at professional salons and websites for your kind perusal.

I received this unit from Nail Fiesta so kindly check them out at their website and see if you can snatch them up. 

In the meantime, here is a little giveaway surprise for you!

So what are you waiting for? 

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So sample your choices at Nail Fiesta and brighten your nails with the exciting hues that are available on their website.

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Have fun!

Till then

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