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Nuffnang Food Fest 2013! #NNFoodFest

Nuffnang Food Festival

So if you haven't heard about Nuffnang's latest project, here is the scoop.

Evolving around the idea that one has to tweet to eat, Nuffnang began a collaboration with all sorts of vendors - Nando's, My Burger Lab, 1901, Chatime to name a few.

Needless to say, after I received the invite from Nuffnang, you could say that I immediately penned  down the date in my calender.

Collaboration of Vendors

The Food Festival was held at Sunway Pyramid at the entrance of the Blue Section. By the time of 2:35pm, the line was already swarmed with excited social media users, bloggers and photographers alike ready for registration.

Location of the Food Festival

The crowd to registration
Photo taken by Iphone 5

Luckily before the registration, my good friend Zal and I decided to quench our thirst at Starbucks first.

At Starbucks
Styling: Long Sleeve Shirt by H&M, Jeans by Forever 21, Bag by Longchamp, Sandals by FitFlop 
and Accessories by Mustachic
Photo taken with a Samsung Phone

We also decided to stroll about for awhile in Pyramid as Zal wanted to try on some shoes in the meantime. We headed to Pay Less Shoes for a quick purchase.

Do you like these on me?

FYI, Pay Less Shoes which is on the same floor of the registration has a very nice collection of flats. So if you have the time, do go over and check them out.

After registering our names at the Nuffnang station, we were given these cute leaflets along with a complimentary macaroon to get our munching mode on.

Leaflets and Macaroons given at registration

There was also a complimentary photo booth but as there were too many people crowding around it, we both decided to skip it.

The booths set-up

To start with the booths setup were only midway to its finish line at 2:45pm, so Zal and I decided to walk around and check out what was what.

Luckily by 3:30pm, the stalls were up and running, so we began our hunt to try out their food.

Checking out the food samples
Picture taken with NIKON DSLR

The line for Absolute Thai
Picture taken with NIKON DSLR

Social media at its best huh? Thankfully the line wasn't so long when we got to it but after that, I felt that it just went on for miles.

Below are just some of the samples that we tried. And yup, you DO NOT have to pay a single cent for it. Just tweet and eat!

Sadly, I only managed to take a few pictures with my Nikon DSLR but after that I had to keep it in my bag as there were a lot of people within the vicinity and I was afraid that I might drop my camera due to abrupt pushing.

Food Samples at Just ThaiPicture taken with NIKON DSLR

Humble Beginnings - Mille CrepePicture taken with NIKON DSLR

I really recommend Humble Beginnings. I am usually not a big fan of desserts, but I absolutely loved their chocolate cake. And the best part was you only had to hashtag them at #MilleCrepe and tag in #NNFoodFest on twitter to try their food and you are done!

How to Tw(eat) at Nuffnang Food Festival
Photo taken with Iphone 5

Each vendor came with a step by step sign in order to show you how to Tw(eat) your way to eat.

For example, each of them would hang up a banner like the picture above and showcase what to type in order to get your free meal. 

Simple and easy. Just the way I like it.

Nando's Booth queue
Picture taken with Iphone 5

I was looking forward to see what Nando's had in store but omg the line was just so long.

But as my mum always said, patience is a virtue, so all good things DO come to those who wait :)

Receiving our Nando's meal with happy smiles
Photo taken with Iphone 5

However, before we could eat, we were asked by the Nuffnang management to head down to their signboard and take a picture. Oh well. The chicken had to wait then.

Picture taken at the signboard

The wind was blowing a little harsh at that point so excuse the messed up hair and flowy shirt drifts. 

But their internal photographer was awesome in making us look good so the picture turned out great despite the little kinks.

The crowd

The crowd was immense after that. I think there had to be about 1000 people there at that point. It was a wonderful turnout.

In the meantime, Zal and I kept walking around, taking quick peaks at the vendors we hadn't explored with yet.

Checking out the vendors
Photo taken with Iphone 5

Crayon Burger
Photo taken with Samsung Phone

Zal took a liking to Crayon Burger and got one to take home for dinner. Sadly I couldn't do the same as it was all made out of beef and had no chicken.

Oh well. I guess luck wasn't on my side.

As we walked around, I spotted the SekMeChoy booth and got excited. I really wanted to try out this restaurant as I have heard about their great reviews, but sadly they were sold out of their portions already!

Still, I decided to show my support by liking their page and taking a photo with their really cute mock Iphone showcase.

Like them on Sekmeychoy indeed!

Before the event ended, I bumped into a good friend of mine Kevin Chong of who was hosting the event along with his emceeing partner Matthew Ong. 

Kevin and I go way back to our college days so it was really good to see him doing well.

Take 1

And Take 2!

I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun events that I have attended in a while. Of course the good company made it what it was but to join that with food? There is no way you can go wrong.

Looking forward to your next event Nuffnang!


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