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Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream Review

I have always been a big supporter of all things organic and due to our hot and humid weather conditions in Malaysia, I have always favored hand creams to soothe my dehydrated skin.

So allow me to introduce to you my new favorite love from Korea, Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream.

Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream

Received as a gift from my other half as he was traveling around Korea, this 50g tube allows ultra hydrating treatment that moistures the surface well while leaving a light yet refreshing touch to the skin.

Organia Korea

Deriving from the brand Organia, this lovely Korean product; Organia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water Drop Essence Hand Cream highlights on key organic ingredients that provides nutrition and moisture to your skin.

Other than hand cream, Organia also provides a products for hair care as well as cleansing foams to its customers. However, kindly do bear in mind that their range is a little bit limited.

What are the benefits of using Organia's Essence Hand Cream?

With regards, our star product here has Olive Oil as its key ingredient of this hydrating hand cream. 

Though through application, it generates a water drop essence which emits an oil free matte finish for better looking skin.


Step 1: Take The Protection Seal Off

 When you take off the cover, you can see that the top is sealed off with a covering. As you peel it off, the texture is uncovered.

Step 2: First Application; Frosted White Gel Like Texture Formation

The cream is unveiled as a frosted white gel which honestly reminds me of any Paraffin treatment you can get at a spa.

It is cool to the touch and is very light on application.

Step 3: The Texture Absorbs Well Into The Skin Without Leaving Any Trace Of Sticky Or Greasy Residue
As I rubbed the cream into my skin, the texture absorbs quickly and forms itself into a watery  state that leaves the hands very moisturized and smooth.

Step 4: Leaves A Soothing Floral Scent And A Matte Finish (Something Like A Paraffin Treatment)
 While Leaving Tiny Droplets On The Skin

Leaving a light floral scent it is a pretty interesting product to sample. 

I personally do not like hand creams that leave your skin sticky after usage, so this pretty much takes the cake for me with regards to keeping the skin hydrated during hot weather.

As I received this product as a gift from Korea, I searched high and low for it in Malaysia but I can't say that I have found much stores here that carry it. 

However, I have heard that you can find it at any Watson retail shop in Singapore for a pretty affordable price. 

It is a pretty interesting find so if you do come across it, give it a go and sample it. I am sure you will have no regrets ;)

Rating: 8/10


  1. I have this too! My friend bought it from Korea, it is nice but i didn't quite like the after application feel. It's a lil bit sticky and it took few minutes for it to fully absorbed and feel smooth.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Caroline so lovely to hear that you have used the product too!

    It reminded me of the paraffin wax when I had it on, but after thoroughly massaging it into the skin, it felt quite smooth. Though I have to admit, I enjoyed the water drop essence the most XD

  3. hi, can find it in Singapore watson? do you know how much it sell? I'm also using it now! really nice and i love it. This is my sis bought from Korea.

    1. Hi dear yup you can find this in Singapore Watsons. If I am not mistaken it is less than $15 :)


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