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The Butterfly Project; Santa Hermo : Hear My Wish!

Dear boys and girls, what would you like Santa to bring for you for Christmas this year?

With regards to this season's festive chapter, The Butterfly Project is collaborating with online beauty store Hermo to spread a little Christmas cheer and grant the wishes of lucky butterflies through the Christmas Wish Chapter.

Although, with Christmas drawing near, I am pretty sure that everyone has already planned on what gifts they would like Santa to bring for them.

Whether they made it through the good or naughty list is another matter though ;)

Experiencing the winter wonderland at Sunway Pyramid was a festive treat because as Malaysia is a tropical country, we hardly experience much snowy delight on our end.

Nonetheless, I have to say that Sunway Pyramid did a lovely job, so for those that haven't seen it, do head on over!

From Left: Dan, Myself and Santa with Traxx FM DJ, Kevin Chong

So keeping up with the tradition of listing what to get for Christmas, let's make this list!

But first, I would like to give a warm thank you to Hermo and the Butterfly Project for making this lovely 'Make A Wish' Chapter come through for the rest of us.

Hermo "Make a Wish" Chapter

So here is my wishlist:

Retailing at RM 32 at this Miss Hana Brushes is wonderful for flawless blending of powders and bronzers.

Admittedly I have been eyeing these cosmetic brushes for some time and I have seen reviews with regards to these brushes and I have to say it is perfect for a flawless mineral finish and to create and additional depth to your cheekbones while giving the illusion of a perfectly shaped face.

Ah the Stage Portable Lip Brush. Designed with the perfect balance of performance and convenience in mind, one would just have to just give one sweep of color for the application of the lips to enhance the perfect look.

Great for applying lip color, this brush retails at RM 35 at is great for enhancing the suppleness of your lips and creates a much long lasting and balanced color.

So how can you make a wish to our dear Santa Hermo you ask?

25 November - 14 December : Create a Wish List on you Blog
17 November - 24 December : Await for Santa Hermo to grant your wish!

  • Just browse through and make a wish list worth up to RM80 on any products you would love to have.
  • You can choose to combine or highlight just 1 item ( As long as it fits the RM80 criteria)
  • Do a blog entry and do not forget to link your post to the product page.
  • Wait for Santa Hermo to drop by your blog and grant the lucky butterflies their Christmas treat!

 To find out more, kindly head on over to :

The Butterfly Project




  1. so you're wishing for the brushes Shivani? :)) I must say the Miss Hana brush looks so like Jill Stuart's brushes! makes me look at them with............. intense need.. hahahhaa

    1. Yes especially the one with the awesome pink accents at the tip!

      Always think pretty in pink, lol! ^.^

  2. I hope we both win this!! Wishing you best of luck! (and you're very pretty)

    1. Hi Nad you are too sweet!

      Awwh I really hope we both win this too! *fingers crossed!* ^^


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