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Michelle Phan, Em Cosmetics The Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition Life Palette Review

Michelle Phan; Em Cosmetics

As most of us know, Michelle Phan has been every girl's beauty guru since her humble start up on YouTube a few years back. Her makeup line; Em Cosmetics has also been generating quite a hype online amongst fellow beauty enthusiasts since it's launch in August, 2013.

Now seeing that most of her items from Em Cosmetics are only available online, shipping preferences did become a difficult measure to her fan base as most as the shipping for her products were extremely expensive to be shipped offline to overseas shores.

The Packaging

However, taking the chance right before Christmas, Em Cosmetics delivered and now we currently have a great collection of her various palettes, lipsticks and liners in our vanity. To be fair, there will be separate posts to view them all but in the meantime, let's give a highlight to one of Michelle Phan's Life Palette; in the Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition.

Having heard many things about this palette, a quick once over was given; from it's customized packaging to the swatches of each color inside. At one look, the outer layer is portrayed with simplicity to it's casing while the white magnetic surface gives a very compact feel to its user. This gives a rather travel touch to the product but seeing as this palette retails at USD34 ( RM120++) it was also expected to see great variety of colors; from eyeshadow, blush and lip hues formed over it's "Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition" description.


With regards, upon the unboxing we have six cooling eyeshadow tones to play with, one blush hue together with 2 lip shades of the Winter Life Edition packed with a large compact mirror to accommodate to our makeup needs. The design of how the colors were packaged however were segregated around the blush which is the apparent focal point to the surrounding eyeshadow and lip shades.

In terms of personal opinion, the design of Em Cosmetics Life Palette did not really hold much appeal as the colors were found to be too close to each other and did not have a hold for the small makeup brush that came along with it that would complete the set in terms of travel purposes. Mind you, the makeup brush is at travel size; but seeing as there are no insertions to bring it along within the palette, you would need to keep it in a separate casing; which can be quite a hassle.

Eyeshadow Swatches

With the colors being too close together; it's best to note that especially with the eyeshadows you would need to be a tad bit careful when taking them out for application. This is simply to avoid access spill to the other colors alongside it; especially to the lip shades.

Pigmentation and application wise is wonderful as Michelle Phan really did think about the formulation of each individual color contained within the palette. As you can see, each colors comes off brilliantly and lasts throughout the day with minimal touch up while giving you a rather natural radiating glow. There is also special love for Michelle Phan's play of lip shades especially when the payoff was extremely natural and hydrating without the need of stickiness nor the loss of shine on it.

The lip and blush shades

Overall its a great palette to have around during the festive holidays but in terms of packaging wise; there is definitely room for improvement. With regards on where to purchase it, I would suggest to give it a go on Em Cosmetics Official Website or Amazon as Michelle does sell tons of her products on there but one thing to note is on the shipping fees. Best to go when her site is on massive sale though.

For more information on Em Cosmetics products, do visit Em Cosmetics Official Website or head on over to their Facebook Page for updates.


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