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Giveaway Announcement

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The Year 2015; Inspiration Sparks Spirit


Welcoming the year 2015

The start of a New Year has always been deemed as a fresh beginning for many. Looking back in the year 2014 we have had many opportunities to be thankful for; great partnerships formed, wonderful friendships made and having that sense of joy in every milestone that we have achieved.

Unforgettable memories in 2014

For me, I will always be forever grateful to those who have come to know our little blog space from it's humble beginnings right up to where it is now; which I am now sure you know was a decision which took a few years to consider after a previous account was compromised.

This reflection was not an easy task mind you but after taking a good hard look at things with the one person who strongly influenced our motto "Inspiration Sparks Spirit", a leap of faith was taken and slowly but surely the foundation of the space took hold and our little platform gradually became what it is today.

New Resolutions

Be it 2015, it is best to know that this social media space is not really of one mind but two; as the inception of Pen My Blog's creation is fully accredited to that one special person who thought of it's initiation and has been the greatest support that any girl can ask for when starting out a new journey.

I can't help but feel blessed with all the wonderful things that has been going on and even though it was a uncertain step in the past, I am glad that it was at the very least in the right direction. So here is to looking forward to what 2015 holds for us, and I wish everyone a very happy and blessed New Year.


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