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The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair; "Celebrate Your Day the Vintage Way"

The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair

The Saujana Hotel 2015 Bridal Fair was nothing short of extraordinary, with leading lady Amber Chia strutting down the fashion walks wearing Keith Kee Couture. But before we get into that, we have to go into the works of what makes a 'wedding'; a wedding.

All things considered, a lot of thought goes into planning this once in a lifetime event, from the selection of wedding cards, the set up, the music, the food tasting, the wedding cake and of course the wedding dress but basically to sum it all up; selecting the right vendors and planners will always be the one that will make your day sail smoothly without any hassle.

How would you design your wedding cards?

To begin, there were plenty of vendors at the start up of the event and we were treated to a huge selection of what a bride and groom would essentially need to make their wedding whole. The entire bridal experience was a wonderful thrill and the vibe that was felt in the showcase room was filled with excited chatter and vibrancy. In short, it was a great start to the bridal fair.

The wedding set up by Syikin Kadir

You would be amazed to see how many people are in the wedding business but there are not many that can pull an entire wedding off without adding a little hard work and effort into it. Most people would tell us that it's best to hire a planner to settle things but then again if you did not do your own research on the things that matter, you would be in on what we would call the back end of the bargain.

Wedding Cakes by In The Clouds Cakes
Sampling delights

Wedding dress aside, wedding cakes are considered to be one of the epitome of weddings. The taste, the design, the texture all goes into one delicious consistency and whipping up these delectable treats on our taste palettes are none other than In The Clouds Cakes; that delighted us to our very core.

Fashioning three different types of cakes for us to taste, each one had it's own unique flavor and creamy texture that left us wanting more. Of course considering In The Clouds Cakes amazing turn of designs, each cake was definitely a trademark of an unique piece of art.

Dishes served

Now let's move on to the expectations to a reception dinner. Nowadays simple wedding dinners are at hand but if you move on to the more traditional sort; like a sit down Chinese dinner, expect an occupancy of over 300 guests with a menu that serves over a five to nine course meal.

Saujana Five Happiness Hot and Cold Combination

Saujana Hotel relates pretty well to this, serving a Hot and Cold Combination as it's first dish. This is just a starter palette to what comes later but relish in the thought that the combinations that are put together are well thought out by the hotel.

Saujana Five Happiness Hot and Cold Combination

1) Jellyfish with Shredded Vegetarian Goose
2) Deep Fried Curry Money Bag
3) Chilled Chicken Roll with Vegetables
4) Steamed Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab Coral Sauce
5) Chilled Scallop Cake with Japan Octopus

Double Boiled Bird's Nest Soup with Sea Treasure and Wolfberries

The soup is what comes up next and we were treated to a Double Boiled Bird's Nest Soup with Sea Treasure and Wolfberries. Not much of a reflection to the piece in terms of taste but overall the dish was moderately nice. It could have used a little more salt though.

Roasted Sesame Chicken with Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom

The Roasted Sesame Chicken with Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom on the other hand was an immense pleasure to the senses as the chicken was tastefully done, leaving the skin crispy but the meat soft on the inside. The abalone mushroom complimented well to the platter and with the added vegetables, it was an excellent dish to be served out to family and friends.

Braised Seasonal Vegetables with Shanghai Dumplings

As much as we have come to love seasonal vegetables or in this case broccoli with diced carrots, this dish did not leave much to be desired when it came to taste. There was something a little off with the combination of sweet and tangy; but presentation wise it was not too bad. However it was definitely a dish that could use a little improvement.

Steamed Mini Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Glutinous rice has always been a favorite among the crowd, and more often than not you would find them at any sit down Chinese dinner. It is definitely a pleasantry dish that makes everyone around the table pretty happy so in terms of taste and presentation, Saujana did a good prep of it.

Fashion Show by Keith Kee Couture

The irreversible dress (Look 1)
The Irreversible Dress (Look 2)

Now in terms of the fashion show, our leading lady fashion supermodel Amber Chia did the opening for Keith Kee Couture. Much can be said about the amazing bridal wear of Keith Kee who left us with such awe at the inspiring dresses that was showcased down the runway.

Focusing the creation of romantic, timeless and feminine to his bridal and evening couture wear, there was also a play of irreversible dresses that left the crowd immensely impressed for more. His oriental origination gave a play of turquoise, pinks and reds, while his bridal collection had a cooling mix of pastels, soft chiffon hues and the traditional whites.

The Oriental Collection
Modernistic Simplicity
Inspiring Designs

Keith Kee's oriental designs are definitely not one to overlook either, with each design portraying elegant simplicity and detailed embellishments over the top side of each dress. Made for the modern woman, each dress gives a wonderful form of fitted cuts and color block sequences.

The Bridal Wear Collection
The Oriental Bridal Wear
The Soft Traditional

Keith Kee's bridal wear on the other hand was something extraordinary, giving clean flattering cuts to the form while keeping a feminine romantic feel about each design. The dresses were definitely elegant and with each well thought out conception of design , there would definitely that one perfect dress to fit that one perfect bride.

The three look wedding dress (1st Look)
The Three Look Wedding Dress (2nd Look)
The Three Look Wedding Dress (3rd Look)

What dazzled us the most though was definitely the closing brought to us by none other than the queen bee of the runway Amber Chia. As Keith Kee always gives an element of surprise in each of his creations, this last one was clearly one to look out for.

Giving three looks in one design, this dress was for the bride that would like multiple choices on her wedding dress. There are three looks to this traditional dress done by Keith Kee and with each one, there settles a different vibe; the traditional, the modern and the playful.

Group Shot

Overall, it was definitely a bridal fair to remember at The Saujana Hotel so if you would like to find out for more updates on the next one *especially if you are planning on your own wedding*, keep yourself updated on The Saujana Hotel's Official Website.

As for the vendors, we have it listed below for your reference as well.

Wedding Cards by Memory Forever
Wedding Planners by Syikin Kadir
Customized Wedding Rings by iDo Jewellery
Preserved Flowers by Lavieflo
Wedding Photography by Jim Liaw
Vintage Decoration by Verdezolivia
Wedding Cakes by In the Clouds Cakes
Bridal Gowns by Keith Kee Couture


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