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Alang's Rawa Resort at Pulau Rawa Review

At Alang's Rawa

In the beautiful tranquil island of Pulau Rawa, nestles a cosy little domain called Alang's Rawa. White sands and crystal blue seas cradles this peaceful retreat while the clear waves laps lightly against its shores. The scenery is fresh with lush flowers and greenery; and has the addition of pastel blue and white hues which gives the whole resort a stunning backdrop that fits well to its entire theme.

The accommodation

This island of paradise is not only beautiful in photos but it gets even better when you are actually there. More of a "See it to believe it" kind of factor but all phrases in; this is one stunning waterfront you absolutely cannot miss.

In terms of the beach; *even though I am pretty sure that the pictures are doing all the talking*; I have honestly never seen one this clear and while the sands are so finely white and clean; there is simply nothing better to do other than relaxing by the coastline and soaking up the rays of the sun in the early hours of the morning.

The room

The rooms are kept pretty simple and neat; large but unfortunately with no air-conditioning. There are three paneled fans though so it was quite airy and comfortable. We took a full packaged room near the beachfront that had a stunning view; inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner (drinks are not included) so overall it was not a bad deal.

The Restaurant

As for the price point; the room came at a whopping RM696 for two people for a one day getaway which I admit was a little taken aback at first; but since this was a quite last minute booking, the island was private, the rooms were clean and the view was spectacular, I didn't have much to lament about. The only thing about this place that I did wish they would amp up though is on the connectivity.

The Set Up

You see, as there was no television or connection; (seeing as it should be about the beach at all times) it was rather hard for us to have much source of indoor entertainment; or even make a call back or whatsapp our families at home to tell them that we had safely arrived. 

At most we would head over to the restaurant and make our calls and update there and that again would depend on how good the connection would be on that day. Now this was a small matter to us as we did want a laid back vacay and all but then again for those looking to get work done, it could be quite a hassle if there was no connectivity at a certain point.

Dining In

However, all things considered, the place was like a dream; a little gem which we stumbled upon without a moment's hesitation and without regret. However as some of you might not know, this place is privately owned by members of royalty and the island not only has one but two resorts; with the other called Rawa Safaris that houses over 67 rooms.

However seeing that we are all about the food; opting for Alang's Rawa was the best yet. Even though drinks were not included in the menu, the portions were generous, extremely tasty and the spread had great variety. Every day guests had a different courses to choose from so the range of dishes provided here was great.

Games and much more

Not forgetting their water activities, Alang's Rawa does have its own kayaking and snorkeling motion; however for those looking to go for a quick dive or do island hopping; you might want to source that externally as the island does not actually have those on board.

Alang's Rawa Mascot

As for the animal lovers out there, Alang's Rawa has its own mascot; a little beagle by the name of Daisy who will greet you warmly upon arrival and run to your doorstep to welcome you. She is a rather friendly little thing who adores the sand and water and loves nothing better than taking her occasional dip in the sea after a long warm day.

The decorations
Overall thoughts
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Overall, the stay at Alang's Rawa was nothing short of amazing and I would highly recommend it to those who are looking for a quick getaway to disconnect from the city life. Since it is a private beach; the best time to go would be during the month of February and March as the beach does close during November till the end of January due to the monsoon season.

There are 14 boutique rooms in the vicinity and is a 30 minute private boat-ride away from Mersing, Johor. Room rates range from around RM400 to RM850 per person per night and booking needs to be made at least two weeks in advance. In the meantime, for more information, do not hesitate to head on over to Alang's Rawa Facebook Page or their Official Website for further details.



  1. Hi Shiv, wow I never knew of such island in Johor and the water looks so clear. I don't think it's suitable for families if the kids are still small.. Looks more couple friendly... 😉

    1. Hey Mel, yeap quite a few people don't really know about this place but there is also another resort that shares the same beach with Alangs Rawa :) That place is more family friendly in comparison to this, but this place is a great retreat, especially for a long weekend :)

    2. Hi, ur blog is really helpful.
      Jus for curiosity, is the breachfront room and A-frame does the difference?

  2. This place looks like a dream! and your pictures looks amazing! I have been looking for a quick getaway for my husband's birthday and this place seems like a good fit! :) thank you for the post xx

    1. I am so glad this review helped Ailany :) Hope you and your husband have a wonderful birthday celebration and retreat :) xx

  3. Hello, do you have Alang's Rawa contact number?


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