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La Biosthetique Paris Press Launch

At the press launch

Never before has there been a brand so concise and so specific that caters to the need of all women and men everywhere; especially when it comes to hair. La Biosthetique hails from Paris, and from what was witnessed yesterday, this brand definitely has one of the most detailed hair-care products out there in the market today.

Little eateries

However, to know the origins of the brand is to know its ideals; so starting out from La Biosthetique humble beginnings back in 1947, it began as a laboratory that took pride in fixing hair problems from the core with naturally curated products.

Taking baby steps by creating its first product called "Babybios" scented with Lavender and Chamomile; La Biosthetique found a way to cure a baby's common issue of cradle cap by helping weak keratin structure and ineffective sebaceous gland activity. Back then, this was definitely a big thing and from 1950 onwards; natural substance became the essence of La Biosthetique to developing products that enhanced true beauty.

Scalp Test by Creative Manager of La Biosthetique Australia,Alexander Fuchs

As you may already know, hair has always been a tricky issue to tackle; especially due to weather conditions but like every concern, the matter begins at the root. 

So as La Biosthetique goes; the practice becomes a personalized experience for every customer, from knowing what's best for your tresses, knowing how to work the product to its best potential and for how long you are going to be using it for.

The products

Most hair-care brands begins with the standard description; hair loss, oily, normal, shiny, straight; all of which targets the norm but are not really as descriptive as it should be. 

As a customer,some might find it quite odd to find a brand not being available in pharmacies or local stores but this is due to hair care specialists wanting to treat the issue hands on and to further explain to the consumer on what is really going on. So as you can imagine, the products are only available in salons and are definitely not mass produced but rather suited to the needs of each customer.

A relaxing massage given for all customers

I do think what is really great about this is that besides its great packaging (which comes with a thin-nozzle on the top for your to apply to specific areas) is that you can actually combine ranges; no matter the color code at the side. This suits well to the specifics; especially when it comes to breaking down the matters which your crowning glory is currently experiencing.

As Alexander has also highlighted, the matter of using the products is best suited to a duration of 3 months because if used for too long, the formulation might not have any effect on the hair after a while. So keeping things in check and effective; try to switch up your routine after the initial usage of the products has done its work for your hair.

Director of Vogue Nationale, Todd Arndt showcasing different hairstyles
Styling curls

As scalp care is top priority at La Biosthetique, there is also a specialized Scalp Check Kit that helps assist the hair care professions to determine whatever issues the customers before recommending a range. 

Thus usually when it comes to hair conditions such as hair loss and such, it also depends greatly on the type of environment you are currently experiencing as usually from the age 25 onwards, hair quality will slowly start losing its natural elasticity.

The Scalp Test Kit

So with regards to the Scalp Test Kit; La Biosthetique has created it to instantly diagnose the pH balance, dandruff and sebum levels on the hair. 

Basically how it works is that indicators are pressed against the scalp and compared to a results table, which will then accurately prescribe the right hair care regime and scalp treatment to bring the scalp back to its peak condition. In other words, it is the perfect visual tool to diagnose scalp problems.

Group Shot

So if you would like to know more about La Biosthetique and their different ranges, you can always look them up on their Official Facebook Page and Official Website. As their products are only available in certain salons, you can also look up the list below.


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