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Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE Hair Care Review

What type of hair care routine should be used after dyeing your hair?

As most of you know, I have recently changed my hair color to a beautiful ombre amethyst shade with highlights of reds, blacks and brown in between with my stylist Shaun at Number76 Bangsar. It was just time to switch things up a bit, and since it was the year 2015; what better way to start it off other than vibrantly right?

Say hello to Shiseido Professional's latest hair care "LUMINOFORCE"

Now even though my stylist has the most amazing skills when it comes to hair and color; the shades chosen will only last so much due to it depending on the type of hair texture that you have.  You see, the thing about donning colorful locks is that the intensity will not last as long as you would wish it to and at most during washes, the color will eventually bleed out over time.

It also comes to no surprise that damaging ends would also be a result of constant dyeing and bleaching effects and that is why when it comes to maintaining your tresses, a good hair care routine goes a long way.

Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE

The four products for that perfect hair care routine

Hence let's give a warm introduction to the all new line Shiseido Professional's LUMINOFORCE for Coarse, Stiff and Colored Hair. This new range focuses on the fundamental cause of damage hair by intensively restoring suppleness and moisture inside the strands.

Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE Products:

LUMINOFORCE Shampoo: (Step 1)

Restores hair elements that tend to be lost during the coloring treatment while retaining hair color. Application twice a day for 3- 5 minutes and retails at RM88 for 250ml.

LUMINOFORCE Mask: (Step 2)

Delivers repair agents that penetrates into damaged areas. Repairs damaged hair, restores moisture and retains hair color to maximize the beauty of colored hair. Application is done with a thin comb and be left for 3 - 5 minutes. Retails at RM178 for 200g.

LUMINOFORCE Treatment: (Step 3)

Makes the hair smooth and easy to comb through the ends while increasing the hair with moisture and shine. 15 minutes under a steam machine for quicker absorption and reapplication is done and left for two minutes before rinsing. Retails at RM111 for 250g.

LUMINOFORCE Gloss Spray: (Step 4)

Protects the hair from UV damage that causes color fading and adds a beautiful shine and luster to the strands. Application is done after styling and is sprayed over the entire hair for a glossy and healthy effect. Retails at RM88 for 150g.

The before and after shot

Trying these four products at A-Saloon in Mont Kiara 1, it definitely gave me a greater insight to what these products from Shiseido Professional can do. Formulation and scent wise was great but I think I was more amazed that my hair color did not run after the application of the shampoo and treatment was applied.

For those who have dyed their hair before, you might know what I am talking about but for those who are not aware; usually when using non-hydrating shampoos and conditioners; you hair color will tone down quicker and fade out after each wash.

I suspect that this is because the LUMINOFORCE contains Lipid Repair Agents (such as Squalene; softener) which is the source to hair's suppleness plus I have to say that with a wonderful scent of fresh fruits imbued with the gorgeous and natural scent of rose, it is also safe to say that there are not much chemicals used inside these products.

Under natural sunlight; my healthy and lustrous locks are back again!

As you can see from the pictures, my hair and course ends are definitely much silkier and stronger after the application of Shiseido Professional Shampoo, Treatment and Mask. The Gloss Spray does give the hair its special sparkle under the sun and while blocking those harmful UV rays; you can see that it also bring out a difference in the hair by adding a brilliant shine to it.

The hair is kept protected and maintains a beautiful shine

Now the LUMINOFORCE Hair Care Range will only be available in May 2015 at selected Shiseido Professional Salons; *you can go to A-Saloon at 1 Mont Kiara as well if you are unsure* so if you are looking for a good hair care routine to maintain your crowning glory; I would strongly recommend to go for this one because in all honesty after seeing what these four products can do for colored hair; it looks like I am going to be using this range for a good while.

In the meantime, for more updates on Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE Hair Care Collection, you can go to their Official Website or Facebook Page for further details.


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