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Guinness Celebrates 50 Years in Malaysia

Guinness 50 year celebration

To all you beautiful people who love art and design, Guinness has unveiled three limited-edition designs for its Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans to mark the 50 iconic years of Guinness being brewed in Malaysia.

Available between now and November 2015 (while stock lasts), each stunning pattern is simply boosting of vibrant colours and intricate impressions, which is actually inspired by the wealth of history and culture that Malaysia has to offer.

At the celebration

"It's a very fitting way to celebrate the milestone of 50 years of brewing Guinness in Malaysia. For the first time, we've created a brand new limited edition design, specifically for one country, drawing inspiration from its culture and people." said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director at Guinness Anchor Berhad.

The designs

Now I am definitely one for the creative scene hence with the designs being created for Malaysians, by Malaysians, I found that the concepts of history, identity and culture came together exceptionally beautifully with the informed new limited edition looks.

Congratulations Guinness

With regards, these three collectible limited edition designs will appear on all bottles (325ml and 640ml) and cans (320ml) of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout sold in Malaysia from now until November while stocks last.

In the meantime for further details you can visit the Guinness Facebook Page for more information or search for the hashtag #GUINNESSMY50.



  1. Although I seldom drink Guinness.
    But when I see their limited-edition designs ... omg so nice! I'll grab some back home. ;-)

    1. Totally feeling you dear.The designs for their 50th anniversary celebration is extremely stunning :)

  2. Happy 50th anniversary Guinness! Grey is nice colour!

  3. Congrats to the Anniversary of Guiness! The collectible looks so meaningful.

    1. It really is isn't it? Such a wonderful collection


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