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Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Range Beauty Picnic

All about Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Line

Alright ladies and gents, time to listen up because today we are going to be talking about the innate Korean au-natural beauty brand, Innisfree. Plus for all of you who are looking for a good, hydrating and affordable skincare range, I am very, very pleased to announce that Innisfree has officially launched its very specific line called the Jeju Sparkling Mineral Range that uses carbonic hot spring water as its main element.

Introducing the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line

Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Range

Now we all know that Korean products does wonders for the skin and the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Range is a very promising line that is specifically crafted to make our skin clear and moist from within while giving a very interesting everyday hot spring spa-like sensation.

Interesting Facts: 

  • The Jeju Sparkling Mineral range is sourced from a globally rare carbonic hot spring water from Jeju Sanbangsan Mountain formed 800,000 years ago.
  • The carbonic acid from the hot spring is able to penetrate into the skin and increases oxygen absorption ability of blood, muscle and skin.
  • Provides 16 types of benefits which convey active ingredients to the skin.

The Products Within | How To

The Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder

So let's begin with the first step which in my opinion is the best treatment ever.  In this one packet of Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder there are two sachets of carbonic acid powder. It gives the skin a relaxing spa-like treatment that cleanses away any dirt left inside the pores. It also gives an instant brightening effect after washing the face.

Pour it into 2L of water

So how this works is you have got to take a bowl, well any bowl that is large enough for your entire face, fill it with water (about 2L should be enough) and add in the sachets; starting from label 1 and then mixing in label 2.

The water will start fizzing up like the picture above and make sure to take a straw and stir it clockwise to let the powder dissolve. Now here comes the interesting part; soak your face into the water for 2-3 minutes. I swear in terms of epic fizziness, it is just like dipping your face into coke. However noticeably enough, after you do, you will see a much cleaner and brightening effect on the face.

Price: RM8.00 | 30g

The cleansing package
How To

Now I didn't really have a good picture of the Toner but step 2 is loaded with 88% sparkling mineral water that provides a powerful boosting effect. It is ethanol free and smoothens the skin texture well by restoring the imbalanced pH after face wash. Absolutely adore the fruity mandarin scent as well.

Price: RM79.00 | 200ml

The mineral essence
The consistancy

Step 3, hello there Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence. This essence is of a liquid nature but inside it consists of micro-sized carbonic acid bubbles that are the best fit onto the skin.

It delivers a 5-in-1 intensive moisturizing effect that helps with 5 skin concerns; which is to moisture, improve skin texture, balance uneven skin tone, keep the skin firm and strengthen the skin barrier. As a plus point, it also promotes build circulation through massage.

Price: RM110.00 | 70g

Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream
The texture | Good for dry skin conditions

The next one was an alternative between the mineral lotion and the mineral cream. If you have dry skin like yours truly, opt for the mineral cream. Infused with 69.9% of sparkling mineral water, this lightweight translucent texture absorbs fast into the skin to form double moisture layer that remains throughout the day.

Texture wise, it is much lighter than the lotion and as it is stabilized in a fluid form, it also builds a protective film to strengthen the moisture barrier on the skin as well.

Price: RM110.00 |50ml

The hot spring mineral mist

Last but not least, let's seal everything off with an instant hot spring mineral mist. This is a perfect item to bring with you on a hot day out and as it resolves dryness with its supplying minerals. Plus it gives the skin a great moisture boost without having too much of an oily feel.

Price: RM52.00 |80ml

The range inclusive of the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
Self Made Salad Jar

I should also mention that besides its skincare range, Innisfree also has a long wear cushion that is definitely worth taking a look at. I did a quick review on my snapchat feed, but to summarize, it is a 6 in 1 (primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder and more) SPF50+ cushion that has a beautiful mattifying texture and was able to last on the skin for more than 7 hours without touch up.

The texture sat beautifully on the skin and in term of blurring out imperfections, it scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in my book.

Price: RM80.00 |15g

Thank you for the splendid beauty picnic experience at Organica Lifestyle, Innisfree
At the end| After reapplication of makeup

Overall the Sparkling Mineral Range from Innisfree has met my expectations and since it has been two full days after, amazingly enough, I can still see the suppleness and softness on the skin. In terms of application of makeup, it has been a breeze as after all good skincare boosts and promotes better application.

However a more consistent use would be in order to see the long term effects of the range, but if you would like to find out more, you can check out Innisfree on their Official Facebook Page and Website for further details.



  1. Wow! I love your outfit! The theme is so picnic feel!

  2. How not to look ugly with all these products? I love your dress. It suits the setting.

    1. It was a beautiful setting and thank you Emily :)

  3. Love the idea of the event. Pretty dress!

    Kolin zainal

    1. One of the more creative ones I have attended thus far :) And thanks!

  4. Nice Picnic event there! Looking great with Sarah as always :)

  5. I am using the mineral essence..the texture is different from those i have tried before. anyway i love your dress babe!

    1. Isn't it? Love the after effect that it gives as well, will definitely be getting more of the range. And thanks Janice! :)

  6. So lovely... I like the setting and wish I can try that product too.. I love Innisfree...

    1. The setting was stunning Miera, and you should definitely try out the range if you are a fan. Not one to miss :)

  7. Innisfree is an amazing skincare brand, so far loving it coz it's so gentle on the skin.

    1. Very true Leona; it is very gentle on the skin.

  8. I would like to know... How do you soak your face in that tub for 2-3 minutes?!

    1. Hahaha that was the exact expression we gave when we were told Isabel, though 2 minutes in between small breaths would be a good way to go :)

  9. Long time no picnic! Such a great beauty event!

  10. Such a great beauty event. I long time no picnic d..

  11. beautiful skin, beautiful you.. :) you girls have it good, with awesome products to make you prettier. :D:D

    1. Well beautiful skin is always the start to more beautiful things :) Cheers Isaac!

  12. NARS products! Love em. Most made me stand out in the crowd!

    1. Very true. One product of recommendation - the NARS Creamy Concealer :)


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