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3 Must-have Apps For Every Beauty Addict


A growing number of makeup and beauty enthusiasts are now using mobile devices to source the best products and order them conveniently online. Based on Mintel’s new research, 45% of consumers prefer to search for products on their mobile devices rather than visiting physical stores.

In fact, 39% said that they are more interested in using in-store tablets to research beauty products than seeking the assistance of a sales associate. “Smartphones and tablets are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the beauty retail experience,” said Mintel’s Sr. Research Analyst Diana Smith. “The beauty category is ripe for an explosion of technology-driven innovation – it’s a fun category where personalization, individualism and experimentation meet and flourish.”

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The increasing dependency on mobile tech has become the main driver when it comes to the popularity of beauty apps. Mobile device ownership has increased massively in the last 5-years, where 70% of content and data comes directly from smartphone and tablet users, according to leading website developers, Gaming Realms. Based a study conducted by the gaming specialists, which look after Spin Genie and its large roster of gaming titles that are also mobile-friendly, the proliferation of 4G internet assists in connecting people with a myriad of information online, including beauty and fashion sources.

So, it is not surprising to see that many consumers have also used smartphones and apps in purchasing the latest releases from the beauty industry. Look no further, as we unravel three of the best iOS and Android apps that offer anything from virtual makeup classes to booking a hairstylist to visit you at your home.

The 3 Apps for Every Beauty Addict

Ease of appointments
1. Spruce 

This free app takes skin care to the next level. Spruce allows users to set their virtual appointment with a board-certified dermatologist by just sending photos of themselves, filling out basic information and paying the $40 to install the app. A personalized diagnosis and prescriptions will be provided to users within 24 hours. The app allows to get in touch with a dermatologist for up to 30 days to check the skin treatment plan they recommend.


2. Keep Shopping 

No need to sift through various websites to order specific beauty products, as the Keep Shopping app offers users a universal mobile shopping platform where popular beauty products can be bought (Chanel, Sephora, CVS). You can order different brands in a shopping cart for a seamless shopping experience. The feed section also provides users trending and the latest in beauty products, keeping you updated with all beauty styles.


3. R+Co Education

Made by salon professionals, the R+Co Education app is a great source for beauty products. It works as a free personal shopper, with YouTube, and Pinterest videos included. The app comes with a Lookbook function to allow users to easily search haircuts to show to their stylists, as well as recreating a few looks by outlining products you can buy on the platform itself. Video tutorials are also available to teach users how to apply new makeup ranges and hairstyle techniques they can try at home.


We’d love to hear your own beauty adventures when using your mobile devices. Do you have any particular beauty app you perpetually use? Share your experiences with us!



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