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Finding the perfect fit | Bride Story

Wedding Dresses

For all you girls who are getting married, this article piece is especially for you. You see, wedding dresses are quite a tricky topic to come by and seeing that I went around a few places to find my ideal one slightly more than a year back, I thought it would be perfect to render a piece that shares about the ideal fit to those who are currently on the lookout for their own.

Shapes | Styles | Fit

Find a rep to advice you on the styles

Now about 8 months before the special day, I had engaged in a talk with some bridal houses. I did my research of course, flipping through thick glossy bridal magazines, browsing through websites, looking at every dress silhouette that I could find whenever I went out shopping.

I was in that typical bride mode where everything had to be taken into consideration, including the fact that the dress that I had chosen would be fitted well enough to be passed down to generations to come. Hence, it was decided that it would be a mix of modernity and traditional, with a modest neckline and a decent netted laced train.

The Wedding Dress Style Guide
 (Photo Credit: Kaela Bridal)

As for what cut suited best to my body shape, I had absolutely no clue at the time. The above is a reference to follow if you are searching for a certain type, but my best advice is to always get a rep to recommend the perfect shape that would be best suited for you.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes | Guideline Summary 

A-Line: Usually the perfect cut to go for if you are unsure - fits well to most body types.

Mermaid: Great for those who have pear or hourglass figures - accentuates the body very well.

Empire: A wonderful all-rounder dress; makes you look tall, formed and elegant.

Ball Gown: Ideal for those who are high waisted and is a good fit for taller girls.

Sheath: This form focuses on the figure and accentuates shapes well, good for those who are petite.

Going through the scores of wedding dresses

On my end, I decided to go with a beautiful organza and silk mermaid cut dress with a high neckline and a beautiful flowing train. I kept well with the lace that I wanted, keeping it modest on the top as it slowly trailed to more at the bottom.

One thing that I have learnt about the experience is that what you have in your mind, is never going to be the perfect thing that you are looking for. I remembered having a very strong opinion about having 3/4 sleeves on my ideal dress but looking at how the fit was and having a rep advice against it, it turned out to be the best decision I had ever made in the long run.

On Lace

Of course materials played a big part of it, especially if you are going into lace for the patchwork alone (big or small) takes a lot of time. Plus if you needed the dress to shine, tiny Swarovski beads would help line the lacework very well too.

Steps to Consider:

1. Have a Pintrest Board and do research on materials, cuts, forms and styles. (For transparency - take skin shades, never white)

2. Locate at least 3 bridal houses to scout and take note on the fees. (Payment is usually done 50% up front and 50% after completion)

3. Find a great rep to advice you and measure the fit.

4. Try on each recommended style and find the type of cut and neckline that you would want.

5. Take note on the materials as you wear them and make sure that the length of your dress fits ideally with your wedding shoes.

6. Ensure that the timeline of completion meets well to your wedding.

7. Make sure that the pick up of the dress is at least 2-3 days before your wedding (just to make sure nothing happens to it)

In the meantime, I do hope this article has helped but in the meantime, if you would like something other than Pintrest for inspirations, styles and more, you can always head over to Bridestory to do some research. They have a great variety on wedding dresses, photography, decorations, lighting flowers and more; plus they also do great vendor scouting for couples who are looking for them as well.



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