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Top 4 Product Picks for The Body Shop

Listing our the products

If you are type of person who simply adores scents, The Body Shop is your one stop store for amazing beauty products. Having an array of delicious fragrances in various forms of body lotions, scrubs, sorbets and body butter, one can just go around in circles at their boutique and spend loads of time there by just doing a simple sampling their products.

So to make things easier for all girls and boys alike, below we have listed our Top 4 Scents and Product Picks, so without further ado, let's take a look at what was trialed and see which made it to the cut.

Top 4 Product Picks & Their Scents
(Virgin Mojito Range)

Top Picks

This limited edition range came out in June 2015 and if you are a huge fan of refreshing minty scents, then this delicious mix is one heck of a collection to have. 

The Body Scrub | 250ml | RM105
The Body Sorbet | 200ml | RM72

The Body Shop came out with a variety of blends for this; (including a really cute shaker called The Big Shake) but our Top 2 Product Picks are their Refreshing Body Sorbet (yum!) and their silky soothing Body Scrub. Both products cleanse and moisturize the skin very well and it's a summer zesty fragrance is something that you would certainly not want to miss! 

(British Rose Range)

Instant Glow Body Essence | 250ml | RM129

Now we have spoken about this range previously as its collection had just launched earlier this year, but the British Rose range is one that resonates with those who enjoy calming and romantic scents. 

Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub | 250ml | RM105
The fine consistancy

Made with a wide array of handpicked soft petals all the way Britain, this collection gives its user a 24 hour dewy hydration to the skin and is perfect for the fanciful romantic who seeks the ultimate comfort in his or her own home. Top favorites are the amazing pearl effect Body Essence and the delicious melt of its Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub.

(Drops Of Youth Range)

Youth Essence Lotion | 160ml | RM115

The Drops of Youth range has recently undergone a new revamp on its packaging structure, and this time its simplistic yet classic form has given us a lot more to appreciate with regards to the great consistency within. 

A Closer Look

It's best selling formulation is certainly more concentrated when compared to others but in terms of results it still goes above and beyond with results showing immediately within 7 days. A favorite pick in the range is its Youth Essence Lotion which is a unique gel to water liquid care that will make the skin very soft and fully moisturized.

(Spa Of The World Range)

Japanese Camellia Cream | 350ml | RM230

Our last but certainly not least is one of the best performing products in The Body Shop and it is called Spa of The World. If you are looking for amazing luxury and extraordinary comfort in bath and body products, then this one is the right hit for you. 


The one that is an absolute favorite for us in the collection is the Japanese Camellia Cream which gently softens and moisturizes the skin. It has a delicate scent of the Camellia flower and is rich in its formulation which gives its user a light and velvety feel upon usage. This product is one of the best for dry skin that we have ever come across so if you are ever struggling with that issue, try this one out for size and see how it goes. 

Which would you prefer?

So overall, those are our Top 4 Picks from The Body Shop this month, so the next time when you head over to their stores, do remember to check them out. Each of them have stunning ranges so take in their fragrances and see which one takes to your liking. In the meantime, for further details, discounts and update notices, you can check out The Body Shop on their Official Webpage and Facebook Website.



  1. Thank you for sharing :) Will stop by if I got the chance

  2. Spa of the world look nice. How was it smell?

  3. THe name virgin mojito certainly seems nice to use by listening to its name. Unfortunately i am guy cannot use this.

    1. Why can't you use it because you're a guy? It's not a feminine scent =)

  4. I love your video backdrop.. been thinking of changing mine for a while now (my walk-out closet is really messy looking)

  5. I am using their Drops of Youth now and like you said, they are quite effective! The results are actually quite obvious. Loved it.

  6. My sister is an avid shopper at The Body Shop. I will ask her about these invigorating line of products.

  7. The ranges you've mentioned are my top picks as well, apart from the spa of life.. They just smell a little too strong and I prefer a clean, fresh scent

  8. Seriously I love all the products you pick from Body Shop! It seems like body shop is coming more new range of product now!

  9. I like the calming and romantic scents.
    Wish to try the british rose products especially the body scrub.

  10. I love body shop products - especially their lip balms. Never tried a scrub and drops of youth. thinking of trying.

  11. mother's day is coming and I am thinking of getting that British Rose range for a gift to my MIL...

  12. I am a huge fan of body shop. I prefer their body scrub and body shower. Smell nice.

  13. Between the 2, I like the British Rose. I love flowers and rose is my love. The scent is so feminine and sweet.

  14. their ranges and products just get better and better each time, i love to go there and check out their new ranges everytime it launches

  15. I seriously LOVE Body Shop scents! They smell amazing especially the British Rose and Camellia flower!

  16. Most of their products come with soothing fragrant, which I always enjoy so much :)

  17. body shop.. not bad at all. will look into these products the next time i drop by :D

  18. I personally love the british rose! :D hehe. nice review on your top 4 products from TBS

  19. Love your photos la babe, very well taken! Are you using a softbox lighting?

  20. Lately Body Shop has a lot of interesting new range. But one of the biggest reason I kept coming back is their White Musk perfume. It's just love!


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