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The Effectiveness of SENKA's Speedy Perfect Whip on Dry Skin

At SENKA's Launch

Following the fun times that we had with SENKA last week, it's time we bring the experience to our page and tell you all about the brand's affordable range. This is going to fall under personal experience as we did include a review on the Speedy Perfect Whip below; but just before that, let's have a quick run through on the collection and also do a little highlight on our current skin condition.

SENKA's Range

First and foremost, SENKA is a brand that is pretty well known in Japan and is mostly distributed amongst the Asian market just because its the right fit for our humidity and weather. This all new collection of 4 cleansers and 4 makeup removers metaphors hydration and are all very affordable as well (RM13.90 - RM32.90). Plus they are available at selected pharmacies and hypermarkets boosting a soothing and fresh fragrance.

On the brand

Now looking at how our weather has been doing, the current skin texture on its own without any mask and serum has been looking rather dry and dull. This might come to as mere disbelief to most but if you do follow our videos, you know how much prepping the skin goes through just to be fully prepared for the day. So for this review, the skin was stripped down to the basics before trying on the Speedy Perfect Whip for Senka.

Current Skin Condition: (Kindly note before reading the review below)

1. Dry, Dull and Flaky. (Scaled at 28% on the moisture meter)

2. No mask, no serum and no prep was done to plump up the skin prior to the pictures. 

The Range Overview

The Variants

Okay so first up, let's take a look at the four products that we have in hand. Starting from the up most left, we have the Perfect Whip (RM13.90) which is Japan's Number One Best Seller. It has high quality white cocoon foam and retains hyaluronic acid that delivers great plumping and moisturizing effects to the skin.

This is very similar to the Speedy Perfect Whip ( RM24.90; which will be in review later) that has two variants (Airy Touch & Moist Touch) but the difference between the two is that Speedy Perfect Whip dispenses foam just like that while the Perfect Whip would be needed to be done manually. The Perfect Gel (RM18.90) and Perfect Liquid (RM32.90) on the other hand are makeup cleansers which its variants would be chosen based on suiting best to your skin texture.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip
(Variant: Airy Touch - Combination to Oily Skin)

Using SENKA's Speedy Perfect Whip
Cleansed with SENKA's Perfect Liquid

Now since we would want the Speedy Perfect Whip to work on a clean base, a cotton pad was used and cleansed with SENKA's Perfect Liquid. Only the brows, eyes and lips were left undone as they were a little sensitive to it but as you can see on close inspection after light exfoliation, the skin's little dry bumps didn't seem so red and obvious as it started peaking through much after.

The Foamy Consistency

We then took one pump of the Speedy Perfect Whip in Airy Touch which came out beautifully and gently applied it all over the face.

Absolutely loved the formulation of it though, for it had somewhat of a watery cushion feeling (though not as compact to the Perfect Whip due to having dispensed right out of the bottle) but nonetheless it was still quite satisfying to layer on.

Comparison: The consistency of the Speedy Perfect Whip
Comparison: The Consistency of the Perfect Whip

With regards's to it's consistency, the Speedy Perfect Whip was good but it did get quite watery after a full minute. It wasn't as thick as the Perfect Whip, which was why the foam only lasted about all of 1 minute after applied on, but its silky touch was very much felt when distributed evenly across the face so that was a nice touch to have.

First Application
After 1 minute
Speedy Perfect Whip in Variant Airy Touch

Pros: Good formulation, great price, nice cushion feeling, skin felt squeaky clean and refreshed.
Cons: Watery, foam doesn't last, a little dry.
After a full 2 minutes

Now taking in our skin condition before (which was why it was extremely vital to read the above through first), you can certainly see below that the variant which was used was not the ideal one for the skin. We did mention above that this product was for oily to combination skin so this would probably would have suited better to that skin type.

Thus the Moist Touch would probably have been the perfect choice for it as we did find the one in Airy Touch a bit drying; and if you take a look at the picture below, you will notice a considerable amount of flaking on the forehead.

After towel drying the skin

Now this is a dilemma that the skin has been going through for awhile, so even though Airy Touch was not the best one to use on dry skin, we are certainly going to give a go at its other variant; Moisture Touch and see how that one holds up. Plus having trialed the Perfect Whip and Perfect Liquid already; both didn't disappoint and are absolutely fabulous in their own way.

A Closer Look

So in the meantime, if you would like to explore more about the range (double check on your skin type first), you can certainly take a look at the brand's Official Website and Facebook Page for further details.



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    Liyana | Affordorable

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