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H&M 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection

Wearing: H&M Printed Poplin Blouse

If you all have seen the teaser video we have put out on our Instagram feed last week (below for reference), you would already know that the latest 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection by H&M will be coming to our shores on the 7th of April 2016.

This range is rather different from the ones that we are accustomed to at their stores just because this 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection merges a sense of history with modernity that exhibits 300 years of Fashion at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

H&M 2016 Conscious Exclusive Collection

Jacquard Long Coat | RM699
The Full Look

Now what is truly unique about this selection is the combination of the museum's archival fashions that was incorporated into the designs where contemporary and artistic forms made key pieces from the last three centuries of haute couture.

In this sense, a lot of the materials, ornate embellishments and layering references were done with innovative sustainable materials which gave every piece a soulful, progressive, conscious and sophisticated elegance.

Jacquard Gown | RM799

Now as we can see from above, a lot of the shapes and textures revolved around languid dresses, artsy kaftans and sculpted skirts. The prints here were fluid, where it turned dresses into trompe l'oeil paintings or sculpture; where the simplest dress with a deep neckline featuring a beautiful marble draping print, would create an electric circuit between the present and the past.

The Embellished Midi Skirt
A Closer Look

A favorite of ours was this Embellished Midi Skirt, made out of Polyester & Recycled Glass. It's elegant cut conveyed a stunning elegance and a nonchalant sophistication; plus not only that but with a mix of conscious, sustainable fabric and a classic painting to go along with it, it still retained the form of being red-carpet ready.

Embellished Trousers | RM799
Jacquard Shopper Bag | RM149
Silk Flat Shoe | RM299

Same goes for the Embellished Trousers made with 100% tencel, beads & recycled glass. The materials may not sound that impressive in matters but when you do get up close, the intricacy of the designs simply blows you away.

Pricing Reference | Full Collection

On the selections

So if you are indeed one for designs and take particular care for amazing history and beautiful haute couture, then this collection is definitely the one for you. There is something very graceful about this range and since the story behind it plays homage to 300 years of fashion at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, it certainly paints an ideal wear to any fashion or art enthusiast.

Price List | Entire Collection

As for pricing reference, you can certainly take a look at the list above and as for the launch, the collection will be available in Malaysia at H&M Lot 10 from April 7th onwards. For further details and updates in the meantime, kindly check out H&M at their Official Website and their Facebook Page for more information.



  1. This season series design very nice...
    Loves all the design.

  2. Wow. Those pieces are really unique. I'm not up-to-date with the current fashion trend, so thank you so much for writing. I will continue reading your upcoming posts. :)

  3. Oh wow... these clothes are so gorgeous.. I wish I can fit in them but with my size, only some can make me look good... wish I was like you so pretty and slim...and everything goes...

  4. I saw your video on instagram! All the garments look really trendy with all the futuristic gold, silver materials.

  5. Jacquard gown looks elegant and in good quality. Will check out other clothes too.

  6. Seriously gorgeous photos!!! I saw your video babe. It was really amazing

  7. I love h&m so much, and this collection looks amazing! They offer a very great fashion at an affordable price!

  8. I love the painter's blouse that you are wearing. Its so artsy.

  9. OMG!
    The gown is so beautiful and elegant! Put that on and you will look like a timeless beauty lady!


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