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Cyber Colors Rose Water Toning Cushion Compact, SPF 50 PA+++

On Cushion Compacts

I have been leaning more towards cushion compacts lately and this is partly because I feel like my skin needs a breather from my usual full coverage routine.

Plus with most of my high coverage foundations having a massive price hike recently, it was time to go back to basics with a beauty product that I could carry with me on the go, have great functionality and coverage at the same time, together with giving the skin decent protection and a lovely glow.

The Cyber Colors Rose Water Toning Cushion Compact
The Tri-Color Swirl

So with that being said, let me introduce to you the Rose Water Toning Cushion Compact by Cyber Colors. This is probably the first cushion that I have seen that has a tri-color swirl and as attractive as it is, it gives the perfect blend of coverage consisting of a CC Foundation, Pink Rose Water Essence and Brightening White Essence.

Application on bare skin | No Primer

Now if you take a look at its description, this CC Cushion is meant to draw out six main functions which is to even out the skin tone, be moisturizing and brightening, have UV protection with SPF 50 PA+++, conceal and restore skin elasticity.

The Three Shades Individually
From Left to Right: Glittering Brightening White Essence | CC Foundation Cream | Pink Rose Water Essence | Combination

After trying it out for a couple of days, I have to say that the cushion does do all of what it states and more, but only with the tiny exception that the coverage doesn't last as long and maxes out after a 4 hour wear. Nonetheless, a slight touch up is all that is needed to make the skin look fresh again, so if you don't mind giving your skin a slight retouch after a few hours of wear, then all would be good.

Method of Usage | Makeup Tips:

  • First swipe the sponge across the skin to spread the cream evenly.
  • Apply gently with a tapping motion to blend the foundation for better coverage.

For Rosy Glowing Skin: (Within the Tri-Color Swirl)
  • CC Foundation Cream + Pink Rose Water Essence

For White and Brighten Makeup: (Within the Tri-Color Swirl)
  • CC Foundation Cream + Glittering Brightening White Essence

Before Application | Slightly Red and Patchy
After Application | Slightly fair but rosy

What I really do like about this particular cushion compact is that no matter how you mix it up, it gives the skin a very soft and radiant complexion that is quite natural. It somehow manages to blur out the pores too, leading up to a nice and even finish that shows up greatly on and off camera as well.

Now do remember that there is only one shade to this, so have a swatch at it first and see how it blends well into the skin, (mine was one shade lighter) but in the meantime, for more details on Cyber Colors Rose Water Toning Cushion Compact, you can follow SaSa Malaysia on their Official Facebook Page, and in terms of retail, it is now available at all SaSa stores at RM169 a piece.


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