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The 4 Step Makeup Routine | The Face Shop

Doing the 4 step makeup routine

Putting on makeup before heading off to start the day, always brings me a joy that I can't seem to describe. The ability to create and match shades, try out new things and figure out what look you are going for really kick-starts my routine in a positive way; and as they say that when you begin the day great, everything else also falls into place.

The Products in Question

However for those times when we are in a little bit of a rush, we often lean towards products that give a more two in one impact for a quick touch up, so here I am going to share a four-step makeup routine that I have come to use periodically from The Face Shop.

The Face Shop Designing Browcara
 RM30.63 (inclusive of GST)

From Left: A pick between two shades | Light & Gray Brown
The Tones

First on, apply a base. I opted for a CC cushion with a natural, dewy finish (one which we have written about previously here) and waited a couple of minutes for the coverage to settle. While it tones down, take The Face Shop's Designing Browcara in Light Brown and gently worked in the shade. Usually I am more accustomed to darker brows but since I was going for a more softer look, this shade worked well to that effect.

Drawing it on
The Completed Brow Look

Now for more accuracy, ensure that your brows are well groomed with a spooly before setting it in place with the Designing Browcara. This is to secure any strays that are left and you will get a more sharper precision on application.

Summary | Verdict:

  • Available Shades: Light Brown, Gray Brown, Brown & Dark Brown.
  • Application: The Cross Fitting Formula was smooth & had a crisp finish without being overly heavy.
  • Usage: Enjoyable, no muss, no fuss.

The Face Shop Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder SPF27 PA++ | V201
RM 83.63 (inclusive of GST)

Covering the bases with The Face Shop's Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder

Next up, let's take The Face Shop's Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder. The consistency with this is reminiscent of my favorite translucent powder from Laura Mercier and likewise upon application, its fine texture does not project a white overcast on the face.

Application with the puff
End Result

It does have a one up though as it has SPF27 PA++, so if you take a puff or even a damp beauty blender to apply this on, the formulation melts into the skin and blurs out imperfections and creases wonderfully for a smoother and brighter complexion.

Summary | Verdict:

  • Available Shades: V201 & N203
  • Application: Sebum control, has a very fine texture that blurs out imperfections & is lightweight.
  • Usage: Goes on the skin very smoothly and is easy to use.

The Face Shop Flash Pink Powder Beam
RM46.53 (inclusive of GST) 

The Flash Pink Powder Beam

So let's talk about one of my favorite topics, highlighters. The Face Shop certainly didn't miss out on this one and if you adore all types of natural sheens that can make the skin glow, then the Flash Pink Powder Beam is ideal for you.

Application on the skin

One thing to consider though, is that this isn't really your average highlighter that would make your cheeks gleam from the above and beyond, but what it does do is to give the skin a more natural 3D sculpted effect, so applying this over your nose bride, cheekbones and cupids bow will certainly enhance the overall radiance of your complexion.

Summary | Verdict:

  • Available Shades: Flash Pink
  • Application: Subtle sheen, smooth and easy to blend.
  • Usage: A little goes a long way so be gentle with the texture upon application.

The Face Shop Ink Gel Stick 
RM67.73 (inclusive of GST) 

Some of the shades available
The Packaging

Finally let's talk about lipsticks. The one item to complete this entire look is The Face Shop Ink Gel Stick and let me tell you, this formulation does not disappoint. It is a combination of a lip tint and a gloss that has an extra moisturizing balance, and on a whole, this combination gives off great vibrancy and pigment to its color.

Selected color of choice
After Application

Now the long lasting moisture effect is due to the Bulgarian Rose Oil Liquid Barrier and Smart Seed Extract and while this has 12 shades to it, my absolute favorite is called 'Pink Shock' which gives a fabulous bright pink tone color payoff.

Summary | Verdict:

  • Available Shades: PP01, PP02,PK00, PK01, PK02,PK03, PK04,CR01,BR01,OR01,RD01,RD02.
  • Application: Vibrant, long lasting and moisturizing.
  • Usage: Cleanse lips thoroughly then apply. Goes on very smoothly.

Overall, all these products are fantastic to use and I was even quite surprised with how much I enjoyed using them myself on a daily basis. They are already on the shelves at The Face Shop boutiques as well as being online, plus seeing as their prices are very affordable too, do have a look at them when you have the chance.  In the meantime, for further details, you can check out The Face Shop via their Official Website or head over to their Facebook Page for more updates.


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