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Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel


Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel

There are just so many good products when it comes to Korean Beauty and I am not just specifying it to just makeup, but skincare too. Now I believe I have reviewed this beauty which is the Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel (retails at RM43.30) in the past, but seeing as it was quite a brief description of it, it would only be fair to give you all a full disclosure on how much I personally like this product.

Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel

The Texture

Infused with a generous amount of Rose Water as its description states, this gel which is contained in a tub of 300ml gives the skin amazing moisturizing and soothing capabilities. It is also formulated with Mamonde's Ice Soothing Sensor to give the skin a rather long-lasting cooling feeling, and hence when you are living in a tropical climate, you will certainly appreciate this aspect all the more.

What I personally like about all Mamonde products is that their beauty line has a really refreshing floral scent (which is not too surprising as the brand is inspired by flowers), but this particular one has a beautiful soothing rose fragrance which is really relaxing. I also found that when the product is applied at night, it also allows its user to sleep extremely well until morning without much disturbance.


Now due to its watery consistency, the product absorbs into the skin extremely well, plus as mentioned in a previous post before, the product is multi-functional too which makes the Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel extremely user friendly for face, body and hair.

In terms of this, I have been using it often for the arms and legs, and what was realized was this works exceptionally well when you have dry elbows; especially when you apply a generous layer just before you go to sleep.

Application on the face

So on overall, I am a huge fan of this product, or needless to say most of Mamonde's line. I believe their range caters extremely well to the Malaysian public and having the brand in Malaysia at such an affordable price tag is certainly an aspect that we should not look past. In the meantime, for more information on Mamonde's Rose Water Soothing Gel, you can head over to Mamonde's Official Website and Facebook Page for further details.



  1. Wow~ Love the packaging! Will check it out real soon.

  2. Wow another gel i must try! Do you think this is also available in Althea?

  3. the product looks good. I have dry skin. Maybe this will help moisturize my skin. Gonna check them out soon!

  4. this product looks just so good.. wish i can get one of this... will look into getting one...

  5. wow, this product look not bad...so many benefits.. i should get one..

  6. Look so promising! Would love to give it a try :)

  7. Makonde has such great products and this sounds like an absolute must have!

  8. I love its packaging. And it is a bonus that it has a floral scent. I am particular with scents as it gives the impression that the cream is gentle on your face.

  9. I also big fans of Mamonde. I need this Soothing gel to moisture back my skin after laser.


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