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The Updated Addition | The Astalift White Bright Lotion

At the launch

Having been an avid user of the Jelly Aquarysta, I know that Fujifilm's Astalift is a brand that focuses on having great results, and that there is a lot of research that goes behind it. Now even though it is not a common skincare variety that you would be able to see around much (in fact there are only 3 counters available in the whole of Malaysia - (The Gardens, 1 Utama & KLCC) but if you would get to try out their range of products, you would know immediately what I mean.

The Astalift White Bright Lotion

The new updated edition

Now in terms of this newly updated version of the White Bright Lotion,  its target focus is on those who have concerns on dark spots, aging and high pigmentation. Looking at the list of ingredients, there is a well known whitening ingredient within called 'arbutin' as well as the Nano AMA+ and what it does is that when combined, it hydrates the skin well while clearing out dull appearances, hence making the skin smooth and radiant once again.

Thoughts on the product

It comes in a very light, liquid consistency and contains the damask rose scent ( it reminds me of air bandung [milky rosewater syrup drink] for some reason and is typically found in their entire range) and it gives the most pleasant and soothing scent that enhances the entire experience.

As for packaging, it comes in a slim red ombre container, looks extremely polished and provides great usage with the Smart Refill refilling system - in which only a pump head need to be removed to switch for a refill. Application is a gentle pat down for the product to absorb in and once that is done, you can pretty much go about your day.

The star products

Now I have only been using the product for a couple of days only, but already I can see a great difference with the hydration and radiance aspect of it (this is a similar feedback with the Jelly Aquarysta as well).

Of course I will probably need to give it another week to see how much more uplifting the results would be, but seeing that I am happy about the current improvements, I am certainly looking forward to see how much better my skin texture is about to become.

The Astalift White Bright Lotion

On overall, I don't know what it is, but there is certainly something in the ingredients list for most of Astalift products that really work for dry and dehydrated skin. It balances the levels well, leaving no room for oil seeds (which tend to happen if you over hydrate) and so far, most of its skincare products have left me immensely impressed.

In the meantime, if you are looking to give a go at this product, you can find it available at all three of the Astalift counters at Isetan 1Utama, The Gardens Midvalley and KLCC retailing at RM167.48 at 130ml.



  1. I love my Astalift products.. hope I can eventually try this out too

  2. I've not used Astalift before but am most keen to try. Rose scented products are my favourites.


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