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Top Ladies Fashion Watch Trends for 2017

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If you are interested in the latest top ladies fashion watch trends for 2017 then you are in the right place. Here are some of the more fashionable and luxurious watches to rock this year for any season that you would like.

This year we see the return of the basic watch ideas including smartwatches, Panerai watches, activity trackers as well as glossy and luxury styles with lovely shades, dainty frames, fascinating straps and attractive designs. This year is all about both bright, bold hues, pastel, gold rose, yellow gold and silver colors.

Rose Gold-Tone Watches
The Varieties

Let’s start from the most popular watch trend for
women 2017. It’s the stunning rose gold-tone watch with a sparkling frame and chain. This shade is popular in every corner of fashion. Women often dye their hair rose gold, pick cases for their cellphones with the same shade and now we have come to terms with rock rose-gold watches. It’s a dainty golden shade that has a kind of pinkish undertone, which is beautifully reflected on the watches.

Panerai Watches for Women
On the design

Although Panerai watches are widely popular among men today we see them designed special for women. The biggest advantage of
Panerai Watches is the fact that they are unisex and look very classy.
Both men and women wear these watches with different straps. They are simple, stylish and beautiful at the same time. You can wear them everyday with your casual outfits. Couples can wear Panerai watches together with great pleasure.

Activity Trackers
Fitness Trackers

Any women having a great passion towards sports also likes activity trackers, because they are ideal for running, exercises and fit every size. These watches come up with a variety of bright hues and look flattering with any sportswear. They are comfy and seem to be as common bracelets with a time-showing advantage. You can find activity fitness trackers special for your comfy

Silver Watches
The Classic Hue

Metallic watches will never be out of fashion. They are the most requested luxury watches for lavishing events. You may find a number of silver watch trends for 2017 with subtle chains and frames. They grab attention thanks to their incredible shine and look ravishing with the right chosen outfits.

Smartwatches for Women

If you think that smartwatches capture only men then you should discover the trendiest smartwatch ideas for women in 2017. When it comes to smartwatches for women, we meet tinier and daintier options that differ from the common smartwatches made for men. They are meant for casual shopping day when you need to plan your schedule and manage everything properly.  You can use them as fitness watches too.

Classic Watches for Women
Classic Designs

Classy is timeless for
all the fields of fashion. Both genders look stunning, confident and more powerful in classy styles. If you are fond of elegant outfits and accessories then you should have at least one stylish watch in your closet. Opt for the one that highlights your taste and tells about your posh individuality. You can often combine those watches with sophisticated bracelets as well.


  1. The gold watch looks elegant. Will ask my hubby to get one for me.

  2. Oh My! I love rose gold and I love the rose gold face one! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I have a weakness for watches and love them with large faces but look simple. Thanks for sharing all these options, though I believe they come with a big price tag too. LOL

  4. Rose gold are my thing. Also the classic big watches. It never goes out of style.

  5. wow.. so many elegant watch.. i like it.. and i love all above.. heee

  6. I think the watch preference is changing by time to time. I used to like those big digital watch and now I like those bracelet kinda watch. haha

  7. All are beautiful. For me, I prefer smartwatches :D

  8. looks like the kind of watch i would like to own! thanks for the introduction.

  9. Gotta love the shades of these watches ! I wonder how much they retail for?

  10. wowwww....caantik giler....bestnya kalau dapat ni..brp la harganya tu

  11. I love the rose gold tone watches.. very pretty n classy

  12. I am very happy this gold watch that is very useful in our life about know more
    best fitness tracker


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