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Lee Kwang Soo | Guerisson Launch

At the launch

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with the Korean skincare brand called Guerisson, and at the end of last month at Pavilion KL, the brand made an announcement that they had found a great brand model to match; a world renowned Korean Celebrity by the name of Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Kwang Soo
At the meet and greet with fans

Now if you are not familiar with Lee Kwang Soo and his work, the well known televised variety show of The Running Man should update you. Other than that, he is also an actor, entertainer and model, whose name grew over time and amassed a huge following both locally and overseas, earning him the nickname "Prince of Asia."

On the products
Different ranges showcased

At the launch of Guerisson's announcement, the brand had also displayed its range of products, which included its Red Ginseng Series. This collection is a synergy between the German Horse Oil and Korean Red Ginseng and is targeted to improve the skin's level of absorption as well as its ability to penetrate skin easily.

The Red Ginseng Series: (RM149-RM169)

  • Guerisson Red Ginseng Skin Essence: Helps achieve youthful skin with a strong double barrier.
  • Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream: Adds strength to the skin and deeply nourishes it.
  • Guerisson Red Ginseng Eye Cream: Nourishes and improves skin around the eyes.

On Overall

Hence after having a look through on the products and the meet and greet, the event concluded to a success, so if you are interested in taking a look at Guerisson and their products, you can head on over to SaSa and find them available there. In the meantime, for further updates, you can head on over to Guerisson Official Website as well.



  1. You are indeed very lucky to be able to see him in person! Too bad i had a wedding to attend to. T.T

  2. this was so much fun.. it was fortunate getting to see the Asian prince in person and he is just so easy going and nice


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