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Yes or No? | Guerisson 9 Complex Light

The Product

It is funny how that when you come across a product, you would tend to be a little skeptical of it, but seeing that I am quite thorough in my product reviews, let's have our first look at the Guerisson 9 Complex Light.

Now this is the second time that I have brought the brand Guerisson to light on this site, but I can't help wondering to myself, why not sooner? I have heard amazing things about the brand and on its range of products; particularly on this one - and if it does all that it claims, well let's just say plenty of people would be very excited on it.


However since I do not want to give much away in the first two paragraphs, let us take a look at its packaging. Sealed in a 45g jar, the Guerisson 9 Complex Light is kept compact and contained in a transparent glass tub. It's main ingredient is horse oil, which might distraught some, but rest assured is extracted in the right way.

With regards to its scent, I found it to be quite fresh, and contrary to what ingredients is listed on its ingredient list, the fragrance is really calming. It is not too overpowering but gives a lingering aura where after a few hours, it disappears, which is considerably nice.

The Consistency

Now the usage of this is based on personal preference, but I like utilizing this in the morning because it keeps my skin extremely hydrated throughout the day. It's consistency is pretty thick like a balm, so try not to apply too much as it might cause a white overcast, but the one thing I would say is that if you are looking for something strong and effective, this 9 Complex Light would do you good.


Reason being, is that I find that this cream works extremely well on flaky or dehydrated skin. It gives a huge improvement to the surface and retains the moisture within, which will keep the skin plumped and supple. I also noticed that some of my fine lines weren't as visible as it was before, so this would be a good preventive measure for anti-aging as well.


On overall, the Guerisson 9 Complex Light is a great product but I would probably only recommend this to those who have dry skin, as for those who have the latter, you might get oil seeds or breakout from it.

Nonetheless, it is a good product that works effectively for the skin, so if you would like to know more, you can head over to Hermo for further information. In the meantime for its retail, it is at RM85 for a tub of 45g (now at RM46), so do check it out soonest when you can.



  1. That's one of my favorite cream! Make my skin less dry and moist enough!

  2. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  3. My skin is dry..i think I should try this skincare product.. thanks for the info

  4. I've read about Guerisson before also on your blog. With your second review, I am thinking that I should also give it a try.

  5. I am using the red range and loving it... it is suitable for me, especially for evening use...

  6. Looks really effective. Will have to buy one for my sister. Thanks!


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