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Mon Cheri | Petale CC Cover & Pore Refiner

The two products from Mon Cheri

Recently I have been hearing a lot of hype over the French brand, Mon Cheri and its Petale CC Cover and Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner, and due to the fact that I had recently given birth to my baby girl, it wasn't until recently I was able to give the product a go.

Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover Cushion
1 piece | Retails at RM135

The Casing

Hence to give a proper breakdown of the two products, let's start off with the Petale CC Cover first. In it's description the Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover is described as a weightless and velvety soft cover for visibly flawless skin. It is mentioned to be resistant to UVA/UVB rays and will leave your skin comfortably hydrated by emollients, thus producing a soft, lustrous facade.


Now while all of this sounds promising, I do have to commend the brand on the design of the product, for the beautiful gold shell casing strikes quite a chord to those who absolutely love a classy appeal. Not only that but when you open the cushion up, you would see the applicator effortlessly sitting in it for direct usage.

The Consistency

In terms of the shades, there is a decent range of 5 to it, starting off with the lightest which is light pink, and moving up to natural, sand, yellow and brown beige. As for color reference to my skin tone, the one that I have in hand is in Brown Beige.

As for how to use it, the method is pretty straightforward, where you would simply need to do a light dab on the surface, get a good amount of product and apply directly to the face. Here, you would simply need to tap and blend for even coverage, which shades the areas of the face quite nicely.

The Texture

Now there are not many CC Cover Cushions that can often work to tanner or darker skin tones, so I am very appreciative that Mon Cheri has come out with one that caters very well to that. Mind you that it doesn't cover everything at one go, so you might need a concealer to do further touch ups, but nonetheless, it does a pretty good job in giving your skin a flawless yet natural finish.

Mon Cheri Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner
30ml | Retails at RM110

The Product

Moving on to our second product from Mon Cheri which is the Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner, and this is simply put an eraser that seamlessly refines pores. Think of it as you will as the solution to enlarged or open pores, for it diffuses fine lines and gives uniformity to uneven texture and tone.

On the Packaging

So in its description, the product states that it extracts and absorbs excess sebum on the skin's surface, and it also provides lightening and anti-aging properties as well. It also goes well along the lines of preventing the settling of makeup in to flaky skin areas, which to its end optimizes the longevity of makeup application.

Upon testing it out, the one thing I found interesting was how the product dispenses. Unlike the usual where we would normally take out the cap and pump the product out of the tube, all you would need to do is twist and squeeze it from the cap itself in order to retrieve the liquid inside. This certainly makes the product much easier to use.


Now even though this is stated to be a pore eraser, the product to me seemed to be leaning more towards the makeup end, but with the concept that one shade fits all as it comes in a nude tone that blends well to all skin tones.

On the Texture

Nonetheless with this, you would only need to take a tiny bit of product to apply on certain areas of the face. Try not to go in circular motions too much or the texture would then settle in quite roughly on the surface, so instead try going about it in a gentle tapping tone, and thus you would then get the result that you would want.

On Overall

So in terms of both products, I would say that I am in favor of the Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover, just because it delivers in terms of both its description and texture. I do enjoy using the Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner too but visibly it doesn't really assist in refining my pores by that much. It does give a nice brightening effect though, so that is lovely.

In the meantime, all Mon Cheri products are available on their online store and physical stores like TANGS 1 Utama, Robinsons at The Garden, Gurney Plaza Penang and even Parkson at IOI City Mall. However for further updates, you can follow them on their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram for more details.



  1. I have that mon cheri petale cc cover too and I love it.. and it also comes with that pleasant flowery smell I associate with mamonde.. hahaha

  2. This set of products look very classy and luxurious. I need to try Mon Cheri for myself. Heard of this brand but never tried yet so far.

  3. Hey, first of all congratulation for the additional family member^^ happy for you dear. Secondly, I think the beauty product that u mentioned above are lovely....must try ! :)

  4. I'm really not into these kinds of thins. But this piqued by my interest. Thank you for writing a nice review.

  5. I tried their bb cushion, its dewy and look natural too.

  6. The brand per se is so luxurious and the packaging are so glamorous! Thanks for sharing your review. Now I have another idea which one I will buy from Tang's


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