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Mother's Day Celebration with MotherCare + Bloom & Grow

Celebrating Mother's Day with Mothercare + Bloom & Grow

Mother's Day is a special celebration for all mothers out there, and the simple reason is that the occasion honors the maternal bond, motherhood and influence that all mothers have in society. Similarly when it comes to my family, this significant occasion gets ritualized every day, but nonetheless when the 14th of May descends, we observe this memorable tradition greatly in our own way and always go all out.

With my little girl Adrianna

This year is a pretty special year though because not only does the celebration include my grandmother, mother and sister, but it also consists of me as well as I became a mother to a sweet little baby girl just 3 months ago.

Now as a new mum, I  can tell you that this change is pretty overwhelming, and while you feel like your priorities are taking a shift; you would only need to take one look at your child for your heart would just melt. There is just nothing like it.

Mother's Day with Bloom & Grow + MotherCare

At the event

Hence this Mother's Day, Mothercare Malaysia and Bloom & Grow hosted a fun filled event at Bangsar and it was a blast. There was so much fun and joy in the room with the little ones that it was tremendously engaging, and with MotherCare designating various game zones, everyone had a part to play and bonded over the session well with their parents.

A foodie session

Now since I couldn't bring my little one with me as she just turned 3 months, I had a wonderful time with Arpita and little Hera, from playing the Trunki race, a dance activity, doing coloring sessions and taking turns decorating food.

The Grobag section
Upon Wear

Not only that, but there was also a section featuring grobags which have to be the cutest little things I have ever seen. Think of it as you will like a sleeping bag for your baby and it comes in a variety of designs that you can choose from that would be suitable for your little one.

Upon doing coloring
Playing the Trunki race

The one thing that I really like about MotherCare and Bloom & Grow is that all the products are wonderfully designed, functional, practical and extremely safe. This makes parenting all the more easier and it also makes the daily routine go on seamlessly for both the parents and child.

With little Hera

Hence, if you would like to know more about Bloom & Grow products or about Mothercare, you can check them out on their Official Facebook Page  and Websites that will be listed below for references. You can also check out their Instagram Page as well as all the products seen here will be available at all MotherCare retail outlets.

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  1. i love mother care.. my kids grew up with mother care.... heheh....and they are so big now...

  2. What a great bonding event. It's not too late to wish you Happy Mother's Day. It is Mother's Day every day!

  3. Wow! A nice event organised to recognise all the efforts of mum :) love all the natural captured sharing in your post here :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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