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The LUNA Play plus facial brush by FOREO | Review

Black FOREO silicone facial brush in hands

FOREO has been a brand that has certainly grabbed a lot of attention since its first debut in Malaysia, and since it is a beauty cleansing tool like the Clarisonic, the price point for the brand is at somewhat of a similar standpoint. However we have come to ask as to what makes this beauty tool extraordinary - or if there is even an aspect that sets itself apart from all the rest?

What the Luna play plus is 
(Website: $49 | Sephora: RM235)

On Smokey Eyes

So here is what you need to know. FOREO does have its best selling beauty cleansers like the Luna 2 which has 4 models that target to different skin types like for combination skin, oily, normal and finally for sensitive skin.

However because they are big in size and are on the higher end of the retail, the brand decided to come out with a more travel friendly version that everyone would be able to try beforehand and take with on the go, called the Luna play plus.

Does it Work?

Front side of the black FOREO LUNA facial brush

Now this device is a tiny but powerful cleansing tool and provides the benefits of clear and healthy looking skin after use. It is able to be more precise with its cleansing due to the fact that it is tiny which we really like, and its effectiveness of keeping the skin smooth and soft is certainly there as well.

Back side of the LUNA play plus silicone facial brush

However, for those of you who might be wondering on how the device is like compared to the Clarisonic, the first thing that you would need to know is that this one has an unique silicone design that is quick drying and nonporous to prevent bacteria buildup. It does not have interchangeable heads that need to changed like its latter (this adds up as hidden costs), and in terms of its size, it is quite compact  too.

Makeup removing with the face wipes
Face cleansing with the makeup wipes

As for its color range, the Luna play plus comes in 7 shades and includes FOREO's T-Sonic pulsation technology that has been clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue. This helps to clear away dead skin cells and enhance absorption of skincare products, while diminishing the appearance of pores and refine the skin's texture.

The Look and Feel of the Luna play plus

Color Range: 
  • 7 Shades

Device Design: 
  • Entirely waterproof and sealed.
  • Also comes in a gift set like the Dream Team +.
  • Replaceable AAA Battery that can go up to 400 uses.
  • 1 speed.
  • Suitable for Normal to Sensitive skin, with a 2 zone facial brush feature, one finer touch points that cleanse sensitive and normal skin on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, which thicker touch points provide a deeper and precise cleansing for areas like the T-Zone.

So in other words, if you are unfamiliar with FOREO and would like to give them a go to help you decide on whether to invest in the brand or not, the Luna play plus is an excellent introductory gadget with a decent price tag that you could certainly try with first.

How Do You Use It?

Face washing with the cleanser

As can be seen from the visual above, it is always best to start off with a clean base. However if you have been wearing makeup during the day, take them off with makeup wipes or a gentle makeup remover first then rinse your face gently. After the skin is wet, add on a cleanser to the face, turn on your Luna play plus, and allow the T-Sonic pulsation technology to work the cleanser into your skin in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Washing face with the FOREO sonic facial brush and cleanser

Overall, the process is pretty gentle and with the instructions being quite straightforward, you really needn't think much while using this device. We also found that the design really manages to strip off any remaining residue to makeup or dirt the skin has which is splendid, and at the end of it, it leaves the face feeling soft and fresh right after use too.

Working the cleanser into the skin with LUNA play plus sonic facial brush

After having the device in use for a couple of weeks, we have to say that we are extremely impressed with the Luna play plus and with the FOREO technology that it uses. We have been using this consistently for both day and night, and throughout the duration, there was not one hint of aggravation on the skin, which as a result we are extremely happy with.

In addition, thanks to its anti-bacterial and quick drying silicone, you now also have the option to share this device with your other half with without the feeling of it being unhygienic. That is a huge plus for the brand and that by itself is a closer too.

Completely waterproof and hygenic

All in all, it all comes down to preference and what you would want out of your device. Depending on your cleansers, your results may vary, but in certain ways, having the FOREO Luna Play has been quite nice to own. Also when it comes to purchasing, it would always be best to look out for rebate codes so that you could save a little on your end, and with regards to that, we have also teamed up with FOREO to give you a 15% discount of your entire purchase as well.

15% Rebate : CODE "PENMYBLOG15"

Hence if you would like to know more, head on over to FOREO's Official Website to have a look at the range. For further details, you can also follow them on Facebook for updates as well.



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