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Hada Labo releases a Premium Hydrating Set That You Need To Know About

Hada Labo's Premium Hydrating Set

We have spoken about Hada Labo a few times on this platform already, but seeing as many of their key items have been sold individually throughout the past few years, it is finally good to know that their full sized products now comes in a set.

The three products that we are going to be mentioning here are the Hydrating Face Wash, their Premium Hydrating Lotion consisting of the 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid and their Premium Hydrating Cream. Now just so you know, two out of three of these have already been fully reviewed here, so we won't go too long on that with the descriptions, but if you would like to learn and go more in-depth about the products, do head on over here for your options. (Premium Hydrating Lotion & Premium Hydrating Cream)

On the usage

But first, let's have a look at how these group of 3 works in a set. So if you have been newly introduced to the brand, the first thing that you would know is that Hada Labo adheres to the standards for pharmaceutical products. They are known for working with the very best of ingredients to provide safe and effective usage for their customers at a very affordable price point.

Hada Labo Hydrating Face Wash | 100g

The Face Wash

So to begin, the first one that you would probably have a look at in the set is the Hydrating Face Wash. If you have dry skin, you will definitely appreciate this one, because it is mild, gentle and gives a refreshing boost of natural moisture to your face. It also contains twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid and visibly improves the skin texture over time.

Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Lotion | 170ml

On the Hydrating Lotion

As mentioned above, we have talked about this product thoroughly which you can link here, but there is no denying the effectiveness of the Hydrating Lotion. Used after the Face Wash, it gives the skin a very smooth and supple finish, plus seeing as it is free from alcohol, colorant and mineral oil, it is suitable for those with sensitive skin too.

Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream | 50g

The Hydrating Cream

As for the Hydrating Cream, you can also link it up here to have a more detailed read, but this product is best used during travel, especially when heading off to a colder climate country. It is extremely rich in its essence and when applied, use a mere pea size amount for a little will go a long way.

The Skin's Condition After Application

Now all three of these products will last you a long while, and while they are great to use individually, they are ultimately best when used together. So far, we have loved everything that they have had in their range, so if you are new to Hada Labo and want to give a few of their products a try, then this would be the best way to go. The set is exclusively sold on 11Street, and you can have all 3 full sized products at RM152.09.


  1. I haven't try anything from Hada Labo yet. But my sister has one of their product. Did not remember what she is using but she says it really suit her

  2. This is my first time know about Hada Labo. I love product that is free from chemical because it fell safe to use it. And the prize is very reasonable. Only cost u less than 160rm for all 3 full size products.

  3. Just now i went to guardian and holdibg this product..not buying coz dont its suitable with my skin or to see your skin..looks healthy

  4. selalu jugak nampak ni tapi belum pernah cuba lagi...

  5. i used to use the facial wash from Hada Labo, but i guess it doesnt suit to my skin.

  6. 3 products at 152 ringgit ?? Wow ! This is totally amazing. I should go and buy this products. Thank you for the reccomendation.

  7. Love you video. Very natural and you have the aura. Pernah gunakan Hydration Lotion Hada Labo ni. Not bad! but lambat sikit kering bila apply. So far ok, suka.

  8. I like skincare product! must try this product...

  9. Awesome as it suit well to your skin. Mine is maybe cannot fit with hado labo. You have a great skin btw

  10. HADA labo is a nice brand, but I dislike because the product is super rich. it does cause acne especially for prone skin type like mine.

  11. always heard about this brand but haven't try yet.. but i like because this product is free chemical.. will check it out later..

  12. I am using hada labo whitening range now. Would really love to try this out

  13. I've tried Hado Labo range before but it give me this small breakouts. Then I realize kalau guna warm water to clean face instead a normal cold water, it does wonder.

  14. wah suka seklai dengan vlog make upnya


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