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Christmas Loving from THE FACE SHOP

The new additions for 2018

Christmas is a big time for many of us, as it is one that is celebrated with such enthusiasm each year; and seeing as I am one of those who especially looks forward to it when the time draws near, I am of course no exception to that fact.

However this year in particular was exceptionally special to me, as it was the first Christmas I spent with my little girl, but seeing all the love that was received as well, the holidays for 2017 was certainly one to draw memories that I will never forget.

The Full Collection

Plus if you have seen on our Instagram space, THE FACE SHOP played a huge part of it as well, as the brand gifted us with its new and upcoming products which are now available in their stores for 2018.

Below you will see the details, starting from the brand new Stylist Easy + Quick Hair Color Treatment, followed up with the Anti-Darkening Cushion, then the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack, Bubble Bubble Cleanser, and finally the White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream.

THE FACE SHOP Stylist Easy + Quick Hair Color Treatment
[Available in #01 Cherry Red #02 Lavender Blue #03 Green Blue #04 Rose Quartz | 50ml | RM31]

The range of shades

Now this new addition came to the surprise of many because this was the very first hair product that we have seen from THE FACE SHOP. It comes in 4 shades as listed above and is a quick and easy temporary hair treatment that can last on your strands for around a week (or in calculation, about 7 days).

How To:
  • Cleanse your hair well. Towel dry and take the appropriate amount desired and apply them to the strands.
  • Leave the application on for 5 minutes for a natural sheen or for a full 20 minutes for a vivid tone.
  • Rinse through with lukewarm water and blow dry the hair thoroughly to see the effect.  

Used 01 Cherry Red
The texture

What is splendid about this product though, is that the brand has worked the formulation in such a wonderful way, that the colors here are the type that fades and blends into the hair naturally. So this also means that besides its beautiful color, the product doesn't leave patches and is not at all damaging to the hair (shea butter and macadamia oil).

Applied for 5 minutes on bleached ends | Results after mild blowdrying

Plus unlike most acid hair dyes, this particular uses alkaline in its formula, which in turn protect the hair very well, and if you are the type who enjoys vivid colors in your hair once in awhile, then this would be right up your alley.

THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ Miracle Finish
[Available in #N201 #N201, #V203, #N203 | 15g | RM104.83]

The Anti-Darkening Cushion

As for this little gem, it is an Anti-Darkening Cushion that focuses on keeping your makeup looking very natural and long lasting. A neat feature about it is that it does not oxidize and thus keeps the texture consistent throughout an entire day wear. The cushion comes in 4 shades as listed above and the consistency is extremely lightweight, plus it has a rather refreshing floral scent to it.

Used shade N203
How the Anti-Darkening Cushion looks like with setting powder, contour, blush and highlighter

Now the shade received are in N201, N203 and V201; and thus will be tested out more over the next week. Further details will be upcoming soon for that, in terms of its application and duration of its wear, so do remember to stay tuned for that.

THE FACE SHOP Bubble Bubble Cleansers
(Available in Moisturizing, Mild Cleansing and Deep Pore Cleansing | 100ml | RM27)

The Bubble Bubble Cleansers

I am always consistently amazed at how THE FACE SHOP has such good and solid cleansers at such an affordable price point.

Used | Mild Foaming Cleanser
Removing makeup

This particular range is no exception to that and has a very rich and creamy texture to each of the varieties above. The consistency in these are very gentle and also contains 'Tea' ingredients that will help to brighten our skin tone in the long run .

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing Sleeping Pack
(100ml | RM110)

The Sleeping Pack

Now I am sure that all of you know that I have in the past enjoyed the Yehwadam series thoroughly, so have a look at their latest addition to the range which is their Moisturizing Sleeping Pack.

The Consistency
After Application

This beauty is packed with rich hydrating ingredients (peony, lotus, safflower, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and Gyuwhabang Complex) which will make any of us with dry skin really happy, and when applied at night, you would really feel the benefits of the ingredients soaking in. Thus in the morning when you wake to rinse, the skin would be nice, fresh and extremely plumped as well. Best utilized up to 2-3 times a week.

THE FACE SHOP White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream
(50ml | RM131.33)

The White Seed Spotlight Radiance Crream

As for those of you who would like to tone up your skin-tone and boost some natural radiance, have a look at the White Seed Spotlight Radiance Serum. This product serves up moisture and an instant brightening effect to the skin.


The texture of this is soft and has a mild floral scent to it, and while it applies on well, a little does work a long way, so take a 5 cent coin worth and apply it on the areas where you would like to boost a little luster. This can be used for both day and night as it also absorbs violet rays and protects the skin at the same time.

Overall Application

Now as mentioned, all of these brand new entries are already made available to the boutiques and at the brand's official online store, but for more information, keep updated on their Facebook Page and Instagram Handle for further details.


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