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Diptyque's Valentine Day 2018 Collection

Diptyque's Valentine Day 2018

Drawing inspiration from the Turkish Delight, Diptyque presents to you its new limited edition collection called Rose Delight. This delicately full bodied redolence is captured by the pop-oriented eye of a rising star in the world of graphic design.

Leslie David
The Fragrance

In it's background you see the Toile de Jouy- a cotton fabric featuring bucolic images from the 18th century Versailes elite. Under it, you will see oriental motifs, like the peacocks, palm trees, swans and the even the Taj Mahal echoing Rose Delight's sweet scent.

At the launch

Thus wrapped in the pale pink Toiles de Jouy motifs, this Limited Edition by Diptyque features silky, scented paper for the home, delicate wax candles and scented ovals to imbue your linens. There is also a hair fragrance created for the occasion as well, but will be part of the brand's permanent collection in the long run.

A Closer Look
The Scented Ovals

As for its availability, you can already find the range at all Diptyque's boutiques, but in the meantime for retail references, you can find them below for your warm reference.

Diptyque's Valentine 2018 Collection

  • Candle Rose Delight RM 309  190 g | 6.5oz       
  • Candle Rose Delight RM189  70 g | 2.4oz     
  • Rose Delight Scented Oval  RM249  35 g | 1.23oz     
  • Rose Delight Scented Paper RM 569  *Boutique Exclusive*     
  • EDT Eau Rose RM 529  100 ml | 3.38oz     
  • Hair Mist Eau Rose RM239  30 ml | 1.01oz     
  • Solid Perfume RM 229  3.5 g | 0.12oz     
  • Roll-On Eau Rose RM 225  20 ml | 0.7oz     
  • Hand & Body Lotion Eau Rose RM 289  200 ml | 6.8oz     
  • Hand Lotion Eau Rose RM 149  45 ml | 1.5oz     
  • Perfumed Soap Eau Rose RM 129  150 g | 5.3oz


  1. Kalaulah Ada yang bagi produk ini sebagai hadiah pada akak. Seronok lah...

  2. perfect gift for the coming Valentine's Day :)
    sweet and lovely...

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  8. The packaging is so cute. The price quite expensive but I'm sure the quality is more than that.

  9. wow dah ada promotion untuk velentine lah... Bolehlah shopping minyak wangi nanti

  10. im sure this parfum got a very nice scent.Your photo look gorgeous. Love it!

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  14. Beautiful gift for those who celebrate Valentines Day

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