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Sasa Malaysia Launches Eleanor


Over the last week, Sasa Malaysia launched the all new-exclusive cosmetics brand Eleanor, that incorporates the concept of 'being Beautiful never goes out of Art'. The brand is designed to integrate makeup with art aesthetics, thus introducing a brand new cosmetic experience, combining the two.

On Packaging
The line of lipsticks

Plus within this line, we find a wholesome variety ranging from skincare to makeup products (some highlights include their Glowing Blusher, Extend & Curl Lash, Crystal/ Satin Lipsticks and Face Primer), and as their packaging subtly implies, the brand implores a whimsical fantasy about the two aspects of connecting makeup with artistry.

The Skincare

However what you would need to know is that while the brand made its 1st debut to shoppers in Sasa Hong Kond, all of Eleanor products are made in Japan, and thereupon authorized for retail by the Japanese government. Plus with the availability of the full complete range of makeup products and skincare items, the brand is now available solely to Sasa Malaysia across selected 20 stores nationwide.

One of the highlights | The Couverture Powder Foundation

So with these two images above, the focal point products that we found to be rather intriguing was the 2-in-1 compact Couverture Powder Foundation in SPF20 PA++ (RM245/12g) and the Miracle Key Satin Lipstick (RM125/3.4g).

The other products within the line

Upon giving it a go, the powder foundation gives a very natural matte finish to the skin and can be used solely as a foundation, or rather as an adjustable coverage to a finishing powder. There are 3 shades to select from and that is in 01 Bright, 02 Natural and 03 Healthy.

As for the Miracle Key Satin Lipstick, the shades deliver pretty intense long-wearing tones and a semi matte finish on the lips. There are 7 shades available in 01 Kisses No More, 02 Congo Pink, 03 Dusty Rose, 04  Retro Girl, 05 My Valentine, 06 Friday Savory, and 07 Secret Love and can be paired with The Miracle Key Lip gloss for extra shine and glam.

At the Event

So to know more on the brand and on its range of products, do head on over to Sasa boutiques and give them a go. However for further details, you can also follow Sasa on their Web Page or Eleanor World's Official Website for more information.


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  6. wow.. the packaging looks pretty exclusive!

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  12. I love the makeup packaging. So classic and come with nice color.

  13. I love the makeup packaging. So classic and come with nice color.


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