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Biotherm Life Plankton Sensitive Balm Review

The Biotherm Life Plankton Balm is the latest addition to the brand's Plankton range and with fundamental nourishing care, its core focus is that it restores and reinforces the skin on a daily basis. It is also good to note that the formulation also contains the highest concentration of its regenerative properties 'Life Plankton' and thus with this new release, is preserved in an highly protective airless jar to instantly soothe dry skin.

How did it fair? | RM215 for 50ml

Now if you are constantly travelling or within harsh weather conditions that make your skin prone to dryness, then this is a good product to use in your skincare regime. For not only does its richer texture deliver good hydration to the skin, but it also ensure that what you have applied on the skin stays locked in as well.

However breaking down to the product's packaging first, a unique aspect of the Life Plankton Sensitive Balm is the airless jar that it is housed in to safeguard its formula. This packaging gives good preservation for the concentrated formula for it brings along the benefits of anti-oxidation and anti-contamination. Not only that but the product also has a release mechanism to ensure that the precise amount of the product is dispensed each time as well.

However, in terms of its texture, the product suits well to its name for it has a rich balm like formulation that applies seamlessly on to the skin. Upon wearing it on, it also has a gentle sensation that instantly soothes down any form of dry skin, and keeps the texture of the skin feeling extremely nourished with a visibly comfortable yet radiant look all day long. Notably with continuous use of 4 weeks and more, signs of skin sensitivity will also be significantly reduced too.

How Do You Use It? 

Once the cap is removed, you would notice that the formulation isn't there to be applied on as per usual. However what you would find is a horizontal indentation that you would need to press down using your index finger. Once done, you would get a right amount of the balm from underneath to apply on to the face.

In terms to the application, take the amount and apply a thin layer over the face, moving gently in circular motions. Product was quick to absorb (around 1 minute) and the skin felt extremely soft and comfortable right after. Now if your skin is extremely dry, you can go in with an additional application as well.

In the meantime, you can visit Biotherm's Official Website and Facebook Page for more information but if you would like to have try out the product beforehand to see if it would be suitable for the skin, you could make a visit to their stores as well.

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