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Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation Review

Lately we have been on the search for a good natural-finish foundation, so when Marc Jacob's new Shameless collection was released, we were certainly intrigued. Now similarly to its predecessor which was the brand's Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation, this new launch came in a huge variety of shades which delighted the masses, and even better than that, their color range went double, releasing 29 shades in total as well.

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation 

Now the new Shameless line is stated to be the first-ever flashback free, hydrating light to medium coverage foundation that has the effect of SPF25. It is also said to be long wearing and is able to last the full 24 hours, with its oil free formulation having the benefits of Snow Mushroom and Blue Daisy extract to help hydrate the skin and alleviate the dulling effects of pollution.

So starting off in terms of packaging, the Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation comes in a cute little bottle that is very uniquely designed. It may seem small to most, but it packs a nice 32ml within, which is slightly more than the average 30ml that you get in most foundations. The form given here was well thought out as the foundation is ideal to take on travels, and seeing the inclusion of shades within the range, it would certainly cater well to a lot of skin tones too.

However what was found to be most appealing here was that this bottle was the squeeze kind instead of the usual pump. This would be considered to be a very hygienic option to most plus it would give a bit more of control to the amount of product that was being used in one go.

In terms to the product itself, the foundation is good, but gives a more natural and light coverage to the skin. It is buildable, however we would recommend using a beauty blender to achieve the best possible effect. There is a brush that goes along with it that you can purchase separately, but if you have visible pores or texture, we would say opt for the latter.

As for the non- flashback effect, this statement does deliver, however in terms to it being long-wearing for over 24 hours, we have to say that a touch would definitely be needed in between; for the foundation would face, especially on the nose and smile lines area.

On overall, you would like this foundation if you are looking on wearing something light without any flashback on the face throughout the day. Plus if you have smooth skin and are looking for a natural finish, this one would be perfect for that as well. However if you have visible pores or even oily textures, just make sure to set your base with a good skin blurring or mattifying primer, so this way you would be able to work the foundation to a smooth base. As for dry skin, try to utilize a hydrating primer.

In the meantime for further details, you can follow the Marc Jacobs Beauty on their Official Website, but for more information you can even head on over to Sephora to have a look at their shade range. The foundation retails at RM207 and is available in 29 shades (27 are listed on Sephora).

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