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NUViT Anti-Acne Skincare Series Review

On Anti-Acne

Monthly cycles are not a fun thing. You go through the mixed motions, your temperature and senses are heightened and the worst part is that your skin takes a hard hit. Now these are usually the times where most of us would hole ourselves up in a room for a few days to recover, but if the experience has thought us anything; it is to face up to it and give yourself a morale boost- and that of course starts with the well-being of our skin.

Now seeing as the care is going to begin at its core as a chosen monthly preemptive to any form of acne or bumps, we tend to have a look around the vicinity for effective and affordable skincare. Plus while some of us deal with occasional breakouts during this time period, most tend to be left with a little bit of dark spots if this bit is not taken care off well.

The NUViT Anti-Acne Range

The Anti-Acne Skincare Range

Thus here let us introduce to you the Anti-Acne Skincare range from NUViT. This collection of 3 is made in Taiwan and uses 3 simple steps to achieve acne control effects which are Spot, Entire and Enhance. Now it is good to note that the range uses a concentrated formulation of science and natural plant extracts; plus it is also free from harmful ingredients, as well as it being alcohol-free and non-allergenic too.

This range is targeted towards the areas of the skin that is prone to acne, scars and comedones; thus with that in mind, an exclusive ingredient used within the entire collection is called NUViT's AC-Pure, and its benefits will be stated below for easier reference.

NUViT's AC-Pure & What It Does

  • Regulates Sebum Production
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Anti-Bacterial Function (Eliminates Acne, Black & Whiteheads)
  • Soothes Inflammation
  • Improves Keratinocytes Metabolism

The Products

On the Products

So in terms to the products within the line, we have three and following each one accordingly boils down to 3 simple steps; first by using the Acne and Blemishes Prevention Concentrate, then the Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid and finally with the Acne Purifying Gel.

Acne and Blemishes Prevention Concentrate (30ml) at RM47.90

The Prevention Concentrate

Now with this first product, its function is to purify the pores to control oil and prevent acne. It has a key ingredient of tea tree oil, so before use, shake well and utilize just after cleansing by applying the product to the palm first then and then onto the affected areas. The consistency of this is rather liquid so it absorbs quickly in to the skin; and its best to use twice daily, once in the morning and the other at night.

Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid (30ml) at RM36.90

The Purifying Fluid
The Texture
As for this second product in the collection, this gives a pore tightening effect as well as giving the skin a mild cooling sensation in a form of acne prevention too. It is best used twice daily as well and is applied evenly over the entire face. A good way to do this effectively is to massage the formulation gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

Acne Purifying Gel (15ml) at RM32.90

The Purifying Gel
The Consistency

Now this final beauty here is the star of the entire series and is targeted to provide a 24 hour rapid breakout control by preventing clogged pores, black and white heads, pastures, acne spots, oily skin and redness. It has a clear minty gel texture and also focuses on correcting imperfections as well as dissolving blackheads and pores too.

The Results

The Results

After utilizing the products for a good two weeks, it is noted that the range is great to use on accidental singular acne and even emergency breakouts. As always, all three of them are best used accordingly to the following above after a good cleansing, so keep that in mind while you apply the appropriate amount to the affected areas to soothe any inflamed areas down.


Now on overall, we find that the NUViT's anti-acne series works especially well on sporadic acne. However with those who have it severely, it would be recommended to slowly treat it gently on the smaller areas of the face first. In the meantime for further details, you can head on over to NUViT's Official Website, Instagram and Facebook Page for further information. As for the product info and ordering line, you can also call them up at 1800-88-3679 and 1800-88-3027 respectively.

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