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Durian Musang King Collection by Elianto Make Up

There has been a lot of buzz in the beauty world recently and one of the main highlights for 2018 was due to the new Durian Musang King Collection that was launched by Elianto Makeup. Collectively named as Tropical Beauty, the range has been unveiled as the first ever make up collection made from the King of Fruits, and gives its user to have a taste of durian throughout the day in its lipsticks and eye colors.

Elianto Durian Musang King Collection

Now there are 5 tropical inspired products that were released in this collection and each of them come with rich pigments, that have a soft and smooth moisturizing texture. Plus its good to note that apart from its unique taste, the range is also packed with assorted nutrients that include skin benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. So in a way the approach here is in a very fresh, playful and daring way.

The Product Range

For this first release, here we have the Lip Care SPF18 valued at RM39.90. There are two shades (Pinkish and Yellow) infused with durian scent and they have a combination of natural ingredients for maximum hydration and comfort. As can be seen from the main video displayed above, the products give good moisturization to the lips (it has cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E) and protects them from harmful UV rays and external aggressions.

As for this second insertion, this product is called the Durian Musang King Lip Color and similarly like the Lip Care above, its price retails at RM39.90 too. In terms to its application,this one is pretty smooth and its texture gives a lightweight consistency that blends well to the lips, It does has a slightly strong but sweet durian scented formula which is nice when worn on, but while it might not pass as a lipshade to wear on its own, it is a great pop of color to any warm tones out there that can be thrown into the mix.

With regards to the eyeshadows, Elianto has released two shades in the collection and each of these single pans retail at RM19.90 each. Surprisingly the pigment on these are quite strong and with that, it comes with a soft formulation that is silky to the touch. As for it removing access oily formulation on the eyelids, it does exactly that and  you can either wear them alone or create multiple eye looks with them as well. However if you are looking for really strong pigmentation for the lids, it would be best to put on a solid base first (reference the video)

As for the highlighter (retailed at RM59.90), this release reminds us so much of Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife. While it might be less shimmer, the outcome of the shine remains quite similiar to it. Plus if you are going for glamour, this highlighter lights up the face for an appealing radiance and illuminates for a naturally radiant look. However it is good to note that while this highlighter might not suit to all skin tones, it definitely suits to those who have a deeper skin shade.

Now this collection does have an EDP Fragrance to it called Durio Bloom that retails at RM69.90 but as we do not have it with us, you can check it out at all Elianto outlets, selective Watsons stores or even online at Lazada as well.

As for the makeup range itself, we have to say that the products themselves were pleasantly surprising, for the release wasn't just a trend launch from Elianto, but more or less were given quite a bit of thought and were actually good. Hence for further updates, you can check the range out at Elianto's Official Facebook Page for more updates.

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