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Celebrity Medifacial | Ceramiracle's 1st Beauty Flagship Store

Taking care of your skin is absolutely essential and even more so to those who are at the tender age of 25 and above. Plus with the addition of humidity and the UV rays that we constantly face on a daily basis, the proper care is indeed vital to ensure that the skin is well moisturized and at the best of its condition before you start the day.

On Ceramiracle

Thus today we visited Ceramiracle, a premium Beverly Hills-styled Aesthetics Salon originated from Santa Monica California that features the Celebrity Facial treatment, founded by Eugene He. The brand began in the year 2007 and already has branches all over Singapore, Hong Kong and online in the United States; plus whilst carefully curating in house products that cater to every skin type regardless of age, textures and tones with the focus on Prejudice Free Beauty- Ceramiracle has finally come to Malaysia, with their very first beauty concept flagship store launching last year right here in TTDI.

Upon entering Ceramiracle, the first thing that you would notice would be their quaint The Ageless Cafe on the right. This would be the first part of the store and here customers can relax and have their option of welcome drinks (20 organic tea blends), while waiting to head for their consultation to head in to the second section which would be The Aesthetics Salon.

So after going through your skin condition details with your  beauty consultant, we entered in The Aesthetic Salon to do their signature Celebrity Medifacial. A fun fact of this though is that each of their Beverly Hills styled beauty regimen use their own in house products that are fully botanical-powered and PETA certified (cruelty free), plus its good to note that their formulation do not contain any harmful chemicals, article preservatives or fragrances as well.

The Celebrity Medifacial | What You Need To Know

Now this particular facial is around 80 minutes and has no intricate post-care nor extractions involved. However the treatment itself  is very soothing, and on overall its main focus is to restore natural beauty and glow to your skin just within 1 session.
The Celebrity Medifacial Details:

  • Standard: RM699 per session (nett rate and no unexpected add ons)
  • First trial: RM299 (new customers only)
  • Suitable to all skin types and brightens, hydrates and firms the skin.

Retreating to the 'Santa Monica' treatment room, we proceeded to begin the first step which is to cleanse. This is to remove any form of impurities on the face and rid the skin of any access residue. Next we moved on to the deep cleansing (2 step cleansing routine) which features patented 3D ultrasonic waves to deeply penetrate the skin (4 layers in to be exact) to gently cleanse the skin even more effectively.

Once that is done, an additional step is the 10 minute reboot mask. Now this one is not included in the standard medifacial package but it is applied to the skin for better exfoliation. Not only that but the skin feels much smoother after this and once complete, a cooling gel is applied to do the Arctic Light IPL rejuvenation treatment.

Now with regards to this, its good to note that this is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that it is a non-laser therapy that involves intense pulses of light on the skin. It is not like a standard laser treatment for this step is much safer and more effective with near to no skin damage as well. So if you are the type who struggles with strong pigmentation, redness or any form of wrinkles, then this would be ideal to improving your skin texture well.

At the end of the treatment, here we have the deep stimulation RF which reshapes the skin surface by following the natural contours of the face. Ideal if you would like the V-Shape look, and once that is done, we have a mask that is applied to cool the skin. Once complete, a thin layer of the First Light Serum is gently spread in a rolling motion over the skin to rejuvenate and moisturize it, and finally a sunblock is thus given after to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

On overall, the whole experience was extremely soothing and relaxing and we have to say that the results were pretty impressive as well. What was especially lovely was that the skin felt really soft and plumped after and the texture of the pores seem to diminish as well. So if you have large pores or any form of pigmentation, then this treatment would suit you well.

In the meantime, for further details, you can head over to Ceramiracle's Official Website and Facebook Page for more information. Their business hours are from 11am-8pm all through Monday to Saturday while their last appointment is at 7:30pm. However its always recommended to call in for a prior booking, so for that you can always give them a buzz at +603 76276568.

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