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Laneige Two Tone Contouring Bar Review | Why We Love It

Laneige's latest range extension definitely caught many of us by surprise, but considering its first successful launch of its two toned lipsticks in the past, the brand has thus followed up with their Shadow Bars that debuted in 2016 and now with another addition of the Two Tone Correcting Bars as well as its Two Tone Contouring Bars for 2018.

Now we are not going to touch much on the Correcting Bars today, but instead we are going to be discussing more on the Two Tone Contouring Bars instead.

Laneige Two Tone Contouring Bar

So with regards the product, let's talk about its packaging first. As we can see the shape is classically designed to resemble a prism like form. The nude minimalism does however reminds us a little of KKW Beauty's packaging aesthetic, however within, it holds a considerable amount of product that holds over 7 grams in weight.

As for the formulation itself, it has a two toned cream-like texture that is best blended with a brush to create soft, natural shadows, and in terms to its shade range, it comes in two colors that is in No.1 Cocoa (what we currently have) and in No.2 Almond.

Now Cocoa has more of a cool tone aspect which is considered best suited to lighter skin-tones, where else Almond features more warmth for medium to darker skintones. So all in all, the selection of shade range solely depends on the preference of its user.

As for its application, the product is pretty straightforward and easy to use, but if you are new to the whole contouring method, no worries for there is also guide behind in the main packaging itself that shows you how to go about it. With regards to its shape, we thoroughly enjoyed it as well, for the form gave more precision to where we would like the contour to go, and this especially assisted with the nose area too.

In terms, the Two Tone Contouring Bar blends very well into the skin and as mentioned, it is best to use a good makeup brush for this (we would recommend a kabuki) to see the best results. You can opt for the beauty blender too, but we find that it drags and lifts the product up which as an end result looks like the contour is not fully blended in when applied to the face.

However on overall, this product is wonderful to use, super creamy and is easy to bring with you on the go as well. It creates a beautiful, natural looking finish and if you are looking for a simple 4 step routine (primer, foundation, contour, setting powder) to your daily make up wear, then this product would definitely be a great addition to that.

Available at all Laneige boutiques at RM117, you can also keep updated on new releases at Laneige's  Official Facebook Page. Nonetheless, for more details, you can also head on over to their Website for further information too.

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