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It's commonly known that lines, colors and words often make a bold statement in fashion, and renowned artist Shantell Martin, is the master of this provocative. Having created a language of lines, at once whimsical and profound, her thought-provoking and memorable world of characters and messages bridge the gap between fine art, performance art and every day life.

Born in London and inspired by her travels, her lines and words depict the daily stories of ordinary people and things and somehow she interprets them in an extraordinary way.

Hence following her debut collection with PUMA in Spring 2018 that predominantly feature a monotone palette with hints of blue, this second collection bears her signature illustrations and lettering incorporated in a vibrant mix of colors for a 90s rave-inspired feel.

Premium materials, pops of color and intricate details stand out in this collection for the unique, the bold and the playful. Collection pieces are also adorned with catch phrases coined by Martin like “Find Your Way” and “One, Two, Free” that are weaved in between hand drawn intricate lines and shapes.

PUMA’s classic styles and new silhouettes including  the Basket, Leadcat, and Muse Maia, stand out like works of art.  With regards to when it will be coming to stores, the PUMA x Shantell Autumn Collection launches on 21st July 2018 on and at selected sneaker boutiques and lifestyle retailer nationwide.

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  1. Wow, the colors are bold. I'd love to have a pair of it


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