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By Eggs Gelato Clay Mask Review & Why We Love Them

By Eggs Gelato Clay Mask

Over the past few months, we have been getting into the habit of stepping up our masking routine, and by doing so the skin has never felt better. Usually we would do masks about 2-3 times a week, but since our weather has been taking a turn recently, a little extra care does indeed go a long way, so hence we began doing it regularly - at night, once a day.

By Eggs Watermelon & Peppermint Clay Mask

The Two Clay Masks

During Christmas season last year, we became aware of a homegrown brand called By Eggs Malaysia, and their range of masks go by the 'food for your skin' concept, which is thus matched by its packaging and choice of natural food ingredients like the watermelon and peppermint clay masks you see above.

The Textures

Now what needs to be known about these, is that they are a 2-in-1 clay mask that acts as both a mask and exfoliant in one go. They are encased in a cute little tub which is reminiscent of an ice cream/gelato packaging and they are formulated with 100% of natural exfoliants such as rosemary,walnut and lavender to make it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

How To Use:

  • These masks are preservative free that can last up to 3 months, so make sure to stir the mask before use so that the essential oils get mixed up well.
  • Apply a moderate layer to the skin and even it out well.
  • Wait for 10 minute and rinse it off with warm water.
  • Best applied 2-3 times a week for better results.
  • You can also opt to store it in the fridge for a cooling effect and longer shelf life.
Peppermint Crush Brightening Clay Mask
The Watermelon Sorbet Clay Mask 

So there are currently 6 varieties available on their website which will be listed below, and as for its usage, it is recommended to use them two to three times a week, due to its exfoliation purposes. What we would however suggest is to occasionally switch them up with a hydrating mask, so you get a balance of the one day of stripping down impurities, and the next day focusing on rejuvenating the skin.

The 6 Varieties of the Gelato Clay Masks

  • Breakfast Cereal Clay Mask: 
    • Formulated with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize the skin.

  • Peppermint Crush Brightening Clay Mask: 
    • Infused with refreshing scents of peppermint, lemongrass and cucumber.

  • Summer Lavender Relaxing Clay Mask: 
    • Enriched with actual lavender buds and lavender oil that is anti-inflammatory. It is great for calming the skin down.

  • Tea Rose Antioxidant Clay Mask: 
    • This is a mask that fades scares, correct dark spots and reduces fine lines. It has the added benefits of natural rose petals for gentle skin exfoliation.

  • Tiramisu Deep Cleansing Clay Mask: 
    • This mask deeply cleanses the skin for a smoother texture, and is infused with natural walnut granules and coffee powder.

  • Watermelon Sorbet Soothing Clay Mask:
    • This mask is great for sensitive and acne prone skin, and is infused with calamine and Vitamin E to soothe the skin.
On Overall

Over the past two months of use now, it is good to say that there was a significant amount of improvement on the skin. If you are the type who suffers from occasional red patches or have oily skin, then these would be perfect to use. Of course, you would need to be diligent and be consistent in order for them to work, but in time, you would definitely see a wonderful progress as a whole.

In terms of its retail, these Gelato Masks range between RM69 - RM89 and is available online through By Eggs Official Website. For more updates, follow them on their Official Instagram handle for further details.


  1. This is really good for especially for those who really care about their skin and wanted to have clay mask with the natural organic ingredients. The packaging also looks nice and attractive.. thanks sharing :)

  2. product must have.. i like this clay. Peppermint make skin breathing n relax.

  3. Sis pun suka pakai mask. Tapi pakai yg dah ready. Bukak plastik n tampal aje..senang.

  4. These masks are the best,I prefer the watermelon one. It's refreshing and it smells good!

  5. It look likes an ice-cream. Quite creative the packaging. I want to owe both of the products.

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  7. Never try this type of mask. After read your review, makes me want to try hehhe

  8. omg the scent must be so nice ! it looks like an ice cream yum i hope our kids dont eat them lol !

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  10. First of all the packaging really caught my attention it's just so cute, I'll love to try this out for the sake of the packaging.

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  12. Wow.. ada 6 jenis. peppermint nampak menarik. macam ice cream.
    serius mcm nak cuba mask ni..

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    I suka mask tapi pemalas pkai mask mcm ni...hihi

  16. Such a great mask! I wanna try this clay mask too!


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