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Dental Implants | Bringing You A Brighter Smile

Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime but with an ageing worldwide population and a prevalence of sugar laden snacks and drinks, our teeth are not always up to their lifetime commitment. Thankfully, the days of tooth extractions for almost any dental complaint are long gone. The dentists of today and their state-of-the-art equipment can replace all of your teeth if necessary, with dental implants the most popular option for many. Of course, it is still possible to use well-fitting dentures as a substitute for natural teeth, but these are not guaranteed for life and can be uncomfortable.

Missing teeth not only look unsightly, they can also affect healthy jawbone tissue growth and give people the unenviable ‘sunken cheeks look’ which is obviously best avoided. Missing or damaged teeth can also affect confidence and make people reluctant to smile or even go out for meals with friends and family. Damaged teeth can affect a person’s confidence. Procedures such as the Face Value Dental treatment for dental implants is highly recommended. The first steps to getting the smile you’ve always wanted or missing is to visit your local dentist. If they’re unable to repair or restore your teeth to their former glory using conventional treatments, they may recommend dental implants.

Replacing Those Missing Teeth

Although we have touched upon an unhealthy diet and old age as a possible reason for needing dental implants, there are other factors that need to be considered including but certainly not limited to:
  • Genetics – It’s fact of life that all humans are different, and we inherit a great deal of our characteristics from our ancestors and teeth are no exception. Some people are simply born with stronger and healthier teeth than others and therefore they last longer. 
  • Accidents and Illnesses – Many people lose teeth through accidents or certain illnesses, but a highly skilled dental team have the knowledge and expertise to bring teeth back to their former glory with dental implants or intervention by a dental surgeon or orthodontist. 
  • Loosing Milk Teeth Early – Loosing milk teeth early can impact upon the jawline if the adult teeth are delayed in coming through. In some cases, dental implants may be of use to correct any disfigurements caused by this. 
To sum up, visiting your dentist regularly can negate the need for expensive dental treatment later in life, but if you are missing a tooth or teeth and dental implants are deemed the best course of treatment, it is a tried and tested process that will increase your confidence tenfold.

Finding a Dental Implants Specialist

If your regular dentist has no experience in dental implant treatment, he may refer you to another dentist who specialises in this type of procedure. If you have friends, family or colleagues who have previously used a dental implant specialist, it may be worth looking into it yourself, there’s no better recommendation than a word of mouth one.

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