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On My Monthly Intake of Bio-Life Astaxanthin | What You Need To Know

If you all have been following me for awhile now, you would know that I am very diligent with my skincare routine. This is a daily process that I care for deeply and the same basically goes when it comes to the supplements I take as well.
However having being rather selective on the types of supplement that I regularly do go for, the current ones that I have been focusing on have been mainly for the skin; with them focusing on anti-aging benefits, collagen and rejuvenation.

Hence as to why, I would like to talk about Astaxanthin. Now this is a product curated by Bio-Life and to put it in layman's terms (without getting too technical on what it does) is that it is a powerful antioxidant that reduces free radicals within the body as well as protecting the cells against any form of oxidation. Not only that, but it also provides benefits for your overall health, as well as your eyes and skin too. 
'However in a more technical term, Astaxanthin is a powerful, natural carotenoid pigment and is a powerful antioxidant that is found in nature. It is found in the highest natural concentration of marine organisms like salmon and krill, and its pigment is the one that provides salmon with their pink-red color.'

Now what I personally enjoy about this product (and which I have seen a significant improvement on) is that it has improved my skin's moisture level quite a bit. I don't really have much freckles and wrinkles on my face, so I can't really attest to the result of that, but I have noticed that my skin's smoothness, moisture levels and elasticity has been pretty good after taking Astaxanthin over the past month.

So what is the recommended amount of intake for this? Well the one that I have here is the one in 6mg, so a recommended amount would be 1 capsule a day with food. I usually try and take one right after breakfast before I start my day, and if you are worried if that Astaxanthin has any form of artificial flavouring and such, you needn't be concerned because for this, there is no added sugars, yeast, milk derivatives, wheat, corn starch, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavours. So its pretty safe to have in your routine on a daily basis.

Now it doest state that with a daily intake of Astaxanthin, it would improve your skin' health (which I can agree to) as well as reducing skin damage that is caused by sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light. However more importantly it works to reduce visible signs of UV-aging through supplementation within a 4-6 week use. Plus seeing that I have been using this for the past month, I have to say that my skin definitely has had an improvement (on texture especially), so I definitely cant wait to utilise it longer to see more significant results.

In the meantime, there are 30 vegetable capsules in a bottle which is good to be used for over a month, so if you would like to make a purchase you can do it at your nearest leading pharmacies like Caring, Guardian, Green Wellness (6mg variant) or Watsons (4mg variant), or you could make a purchase online at Green Wellness as well. Astaxanthin retails at RM100 a bottle, and if you would like to know further details on Bio-Life's Astaxanthin, you can also visit their Official Website as well.

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