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Christmas Delights at The Holiday Villa Hotel Subang Jaya

Now Christmas is that time of the year where we often spend quality time with our loved ones, and as such, good food paired with good company is always a great combination. Hence during the Christmas break, we headed towards the Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang to their Christmas Day Party at the Palm Terrace Coffee House to check out their Christmas Brunch.

The Christmas Day Party at the Palm Terrace Coffee House

Inside there was a generous spread and within there were assortments of home baked goods, roast and other delicious delicacies that looked just too good to eat. Not only that, but there were also exciting activities for the children, such as magic shows and balloon sculpting; as well as being entertained by the hotel's friendly clown.

Plus another fun thing that was noticed was that the hotel had also arrange for both Santa and his Santarina to be presented alongside with the delectable dishes, hence it made the atmosphere more delightful and conversational which was of course tons more fun.

A highlight that was thoroughly enjoyed throughout this Christmas Brunch was that the spread there was beautifully reminiscent of good home cooked food. It was the kind of spread that you would look forward to come home to and the sort of range that you would miss if it wasn't there.

However the roast that they had during their Christmas brunch was pretty good, so that was definitely another highlight to take note of as well. The dish was tastefully done and in terms to its flavour, it was really nice as well.

All in all it was a pleasant experience but in the meantime, if you would like to know more happenings or updates at The Holiday Villa Hotel Subang Jaya, you can also give them a ring at 03-5633 8788.

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