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The Samsung S22+ User Experience

As promised prior to our last first impression, let's now do a follow up review of the user experience with the Samsung S22+. 

Now it has been awhile since we have a used the phone and considering that on our end we do content creating quite a bit; whether it is from shooting, editing, writing, and more, this little gadget is a powerful tool that powers through to perform all tasks with ease.

It still amazes till this day that a smartphone is able to execute all tasks seamlessly, but now coming in with a longer lasting battery of 4,500mAh with fast charging capabilities, the Samsung S22+ is certainly able to elevate productivity too as everything is done on the go.

So first off, let's talk about its camera. As mentioned in our last post, this camera comes with a 50MP main camera, 10MP tele-lens, and a 12MP ultra wide lens. As you can imagine, the photographs and videos taken here at very high in quality, and the best part is that you would also be able to take full frame images and also zoomed in ones and get consistent quality with vibrant colors which are great. 

Plus if you are taking a selfie like the one above or even a picture with your friends, there is even a brand new Auto Framing Feature that is able to detect up to 10 people. The stabilisation effect (VDIS technology) is also one to highlight because you can also set it to auto stabilisation and this will minimise the vibrations when you are shooting on the go.

Now a concern that we have always had with smartphones in general is the night mode, but the S Series has now put an end to that for their Nightography aspect enables its Adaptive Pixel technology along with is bigger sensor to draw in more light, color and highlight on details. So now you can say goodbye to grainy images and more, and say hello to more vibrant and colourful details in your pictures and videos.

As we have mentioned in the last post about its sleek design, smooth edges and refined look, the Samsung S22+ also comes with a 120Hz AMOLED display which not only gives smooth navigation through the apps but also a nice vibrancy too. We should also mentioned that you can pull up multiscreen as you multitask throughout the day (which is super handy by the way),  have online meetings, scroll through the Galaxy Layouts, watch Youtube and going from app to app uninterrupted with a smooth flow. So definitely loving all this about the S22+ too.

All in all, it has been really great utilising the phone (especially the camera for photography, nightography and videography - you can see more on this on Instagram ) so for more details, you can always head on to Samsung's Official Website and Instagram as well.

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