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Kose Cosmeport Launches 2 Brand New Haircare Brands | Bioliss Botanical & Je L’aime

Over the course of last week, KoseCosmeport had recently launched two new haircare brands, namely Bioliss Botanical & Je L’aime. Both ranges target the hair troubles of modern women; thus focusing on repair and hair quality.

Now Bioliss Botanicals has a botanical moisture packing effect to keep the hair and scalp healthy; thus repairs the hair damage from the roots to the tips. With the two ranges which are Smooth & Sleek and Deep Moist, you are also able to layer fragrances in a sense that you can pair two scents to enjoy layered Bioliss scents as well.

As for Je'laime, the brand's original formulas target gentle haircare, thus develops products with high standards with cleansing ingredients, while knowing how the products are used and how moisturising they feel for the strands. The formulation and the scents used is made with natural ingredients; and they have 2 variants available which are Moist & Smooth and Deep Moist; along with a Concentrated Hair Mask.

In the meantime, the two new haircare ranges will be exclusively available in Guardian, so definitely check them out. You can also give the brands a follow on Instagram as well.

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