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MAC Locked Kiss Ink Review

Let's talk about the MAC Cosmetics Locked Kiss Ink 24 Hour Lipcolor today. Now as its name implies, this is the brand's 24 Hour wear lipstick that claims to not only be transferproof, waterproof and budge proof but also weightless in formula and has intense color application.

Now personally, this sounds really good because nowadays a lot of makeup wear depends on the product's wearability and longevity- so with that, we have the above which is the Locked Kiss Ink in 62 Bodacious.

Retailing at RM153, our first impression on the packaging is that it is sleek, and with a clear bottle paired with a metallic cap, we have to say that compared to previous collections, this launch looks quite elegant. Applicator wise is long and thin; and it also has a tilted design to apply the lip color evenly with exact precision.

As we tried the lipstick on, we have to see that all it took was just one swipe to see the pigment. This is definitely not your average lipstick for sure, because the color was intense; and it also layered on the lips really nicely. We would definitely say that one to two swipes would be enough to cover the whole lip, and just with that, the wearability of it was comfortable and certainly weightless as what its description describes.

Surprisingly enough though, we kind of expected the formula to be a little drying due to the product's claim of it being 24 hour wear, but the lips actually looked smooth and soft instead. So after taking a look at the ingredients in the product, we did notice that the texture did consist of passion fruit and coconut oil along with shea butter; hence as to why the nourishing consistency on application. All in all, if you have dry or cracked lips but would like to have on a nice pigmented formulation that wouldn't be drying, this product would be it.

We would recommend to give it about 2-3 minutes to completely dry down before letting for formulation dry down but after, it feels really nice to the touch. As for it being transfer proof, yes it really doesn't budge, but if you were to eat something really oily, then yes the color may fade down. Other than that, it stays pretty intact which is great.

Additionally, for the color in 62 Bodacious, this is definitely a very wearable everyday tone which we really enjoy. Plus if you were to wear your mask, you wouldn't be risking the shade fading either. Overall, the MAC Locked Kiss Ink is a great product, so you can check out their color selection here.

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