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Hishop GEO CK-105 Magic Circle Contact Lens Review

When I first heard of contact lenses that could make your eyes look bigger, the first thought that popped into my mind was that the doll look was coming back into fashion.

I am from a mixed cultural background, so you could say that I am blessed with somewhat of a good combination of lash thickness and length along with oval shaped eyes.

To be honest, I have never really followed the trend of big-doll fashioned eyes but I do have a handful of friends that have been using similar big eyed contacts to achieve this particular look, so you could say that in a way, it has peaked my curiosity.

GEO Magic Circle Contact Lenses Range

The GEO CK-105 is the 2nd contact lens from the left highlighted in the red box above.

Below are some of the details of the GEO CK-105 Contact Lens.

  • Diameter                     : 14.2mm
  • Base Curve                 : 8.6mm
  • Water Content             : 38%
  • Replacement Period  : 12 months
  • Country of Origin        : Korea
  • Manufacturer              : GEO Medical

HiShop; Making Beauty Accessible

Now before I start, I would like to place a warm thank you to Hishop Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to review these contact lenses.

As I was heading out for a function, I decided to give the contact lens a try for a full on day trial wear and post up the results from unpackaging, application and duration.

Inside the Box

To start off, the lens came packaged in Hishop's signature pink box.

Inside, I received 1 pair of GEO CK-105 Contact Lens, 1x contact lens casing, 3 Vouchers and 1 cute little fact-sheet on nails with compliments from Hishop.

Products Received

As you can see from above, the contact lenses were packed very well to ensure that no breakage or leakage will come to them.

Sealed with two bubble wrap sheets

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that the two bottles were sealed in quite nicely with not only one but two bubble wrap sheets. So thumbs up for the extra protection!

After the unveiling

CK-105 P0.00 (No Power)

How the contact lens look like in the bottle

The GEO CK-105 bottle had an authenticity seal at the side along with the lens type and power.
You can scratch off the little grey label with a coin and the serial number will appear.

Authenticity Check

Now once you see the serial number, head on over to and key in the code to check on the authenticity. 

Key in the code in the anti-fake number column

Result after the code has been keyed in

Once you hit 'Enter' on the code, you will see a little message at the bottom, guaranteeing you the product's authenticity. Pretty cool huh?

Now for the next step, before we open the bottle, we would have to prepare the packaging first. 

This is to avoid any hassle before unpacking. 
First, take off the right and left cover on the casing so that you can immediately put the contact lens in after opening it.

Take off the cover

Now let's move on to the bottle. You will see this silver aluminum tag wrapped all around the bottle top. Follow the arrow and slowly remove it. 

If you have weak nails, I suggest using a cloth or a towel as a grip support, as this is actually quite difficult to open and might damage your nails.

On a separate note, this aluminium tag is quite sharp, so be very careful while you handle it.

Removing the Aluminium Tag

Once open, empty the solution and contact lens into the casing. As for me, this caused a little bit of an over spill, but nevertheless the contact lens was protected quite well.

The Contact Lens after Removal from the Bottle

As I took the contact lens out from the casing, I realized that the lens wasn't as soft as my other colored lenses. It didn't curl or stick to my finger as much as the others did either.

Maybe this is why the GEO CK-105 Contact Lens durability is for a 12 month long duration instead of the standard 3 months.

GEO CK-105 Contact Lens

As mentioned above, the base curve of this contact lens is 8.6mm and the diameter falls at 14.2mm.

As can be seen on the picture below, the thickness is quite apparent on the side angle as well.

Side Angle of the GEO CK-105 Contact Lens

Now before the application, I had already applied my false lashes to the top and bottom eye lid as I wanted to go for the whole doll look to match with the big eyed contact lens.

Without the Contact Lens

I have pretty dark irises so it's a little bit difficult to tell if there are any differences in color unless I put on colored contacts.

Nevertheless, I wanted a more defined look, so hopefully the GEO CK-105 will do the trick for me.

With the GEO CK-105 Magic Circle Contact Len.

As you can see, after the applying the GEO CK-105 Contact Lens, my eyes are now more bigger and more defined. Not much can be said on differences of color but the definition is definitely there.

       Left: With GEO CK-105 Contact Lens                                         Right: Without GEO CK-105 Contact Lens

 I really thought that my eyes might look a little bit on the alien side but after the application I found it to be quite natural looking.

The big plus point here is that for the low price of RM50now RM45 at HiShop, this contact lens is reusable for up to 12 months if kept well.

Geo & Barbie Contact Lens is also currently running a 10% discount for the month of November!
So if you are interested, head on down to:

To top it off,  you readers will also get an additional RM20 rebate at HiShop exclusively for this month of November! You would just have to key in the code below.

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Overall, I really enjoyed the look of the GEO CK-105. I used it all throughout the function and people actually thought I didn't have contacts on until I pointed it out.

There was also no dryness to the eyes and I didn't feel any pinch when I was wearing it out as it was quite a comfortable fit to my eyes.

Taking them out was also quite easy due to the thickness of the lens so overall I will give this lens a huge thumbs up on my end :)



  1. Oh that circle lens looks really pretty on you~ Your eyes looks dolly and pretty!
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back in both!

    Please Join to my Giveaway for win a 32 Color Cream Eyeshadow Palette! Open Internationally~

    1. Aw thanks babe! Followed you back on GFC and Bloglovin' too ;)

      Can't wait to join your giveaway <3

  2. that eyelash looks so good on you! and the lens looks pretty natural!

    1. Thanks babe, been using the lashes for some time now. The lens were surprisingly comfortable too - thought they were going to look a bit alien-like but was pleasantly surprised!

      Btw I managed to get the Countdown Advent Calender by Benefit Cosmetics XD Couldn't stop thinking about it since I saw your post, lol! Review will be up soon <3

  3. you have beautiful eyes girl, i have hard time putting in my contact lens because my eyes are just too small!

    1. Thanks dear! I used to have difficulty putting the contact lens on too but with a little bit of practice, the application is much faster now :D

  4. Solution-Lens shop has "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" and free shipping offer but they do not sell corrective lenses, do you know any better discount ? Thank you

    1. I am not exactly sure but if you are looking for corrective lenses you can try or :)

      Hope this helps! :)

  5. the GEOs look great & natural on you and they apparently makes eyes bigger! :D
    this online seller got quite a number of GEO lenses too, check it out:)

    1. They really do! I was pleasantly surprised myself :)

      And thanks for the lovely referral dear, will definitely check them out ;)

  6. Love how it enhanced ur eyes! Too bad am not really a contact lens user. >.<

    1. Yeah was quite happy with the results as well ^.^

      I normally use on occasion so still getting familiar by using this big eyed contact lens too :D Normally use color contacts so this is my first time using them :)

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    I really enjoy browsing your blog.

    If you need additional beauty ideas that enhance your eyes, making them brilliantly bright and beautiful, you may want to check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Cayumi :)

      Will definitely check out the site you recommended <3

  8. Hi Shivani - thanks for the awesome review! :) Love your bottom lashes, they look so doll-like! *Two thumbs up*

    1. Thanks Mabel, so glad you like it :) Loved the contact lens <3 Was totally going for the doll look there, lol ^^

  9. Great post! Been reading a lot about getting contacts like these. Thanks for the info here!


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