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Paktor & Sagiko Present A Guinness World Records™ Largest Speed Dating Event Record Attempt in Vietnam

So here is something interesting.

Ever heard of a virtual mobile app that will be able to challenge the misconceptions of achieving a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ in Speed Dating?

Well hitch on the bandwagon ladies and gents, because you have to see it to believe it for Paktor, that is the very first mobile dating app designed for Asians has officially stepped into Vietnam

If you would like to get a little background on what Paktor is all about, you might be interested to know that Paktor Pte Ltd was founded in April 2013, and launched its first dating app in June. 

Since then, Paktor was able to quickly clinch third place on the top free iPhone apps chart for Singapore and is ranked the most downloaded networking app in Singapore by 

Not only that, but Paktor has also seen over 100 million profile ratings and 500,000 matches, and the number of active users on Paktor is increasing exponentially. 

Oh there is even candlelight!
(Vietnam celebrity SAM and Actor Ho Vinh Khoa in the dating corner of Paktor)

In conjunction to this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ celebrity clad event, Paktor is also collaborating with Sagiko, a popular flagship juice drink brand by Singapore-based F&B giant CKL Group.

This flagship juice drink has a wide range of more than 40 different flavors of canned and bottled drinks that have been available not only in Vietnam for the past 18 years but on a global network spanning from the Asian region to as far as Africa, South America and the Pacific Ocean.

Sagiko's Range of Products

With regards to this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ event, it takes place over at Q4, 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4 of the golden city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 30th November 2013.

“Speed dating is a relatively new concept in Vietnam. Through this event, we hope to promote more platforms where young, single Vietnamese can interact and stand a better chance of finding their better half,” shared Dr. Thiru, Sagiko’s Managing Director.

This event aims to gather 600 young, single participants from 18 years old to break the world's current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for speed dating.

Joseph Paktor Centre and Sagiko teams with celebrities

Participants will have a chance to date 15 celebrities popular among Vietnamese youth, including Maya, Hồ Vĩnh Khoa, Bảo Anh, Miu Lê, V.Music, Hari Won, Đinh Tiến Đạt, Thanh Thức, VJ Dustin, Sỹ Thanh, Kelly, Việt My

Each celebrity will join one of the 15 dating groups of 40 people each and will have 20 dates with other participants. 

After the speed dating session finishes, participants can mingle and enjoy each other’s company and a great night of music performed by international artists. 

Live music will be played by Cuban band Luna Negra while DJ Tuan Kruise and DJ Timmy Vegas will rock the house, together with dance performances by MTE group

VMusic Boy Band

The whole speed dating process will be witnessed, verified, and recognized immediately by a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator at the event. After all, it is all in good fun.

“Paktor Speed Date Night is a great venue for Vietnamese singles to network, make friends, and possibly find their soul mates in a comfortable, lively atmosphere. This is also an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to be part of a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ achievement and share the excitement with the world,” said Joseph Phua, Paktor’s founder and CEO. 

“Going on a date in search for your better half isn't something that just happens by itself; it's something you actively seek. In this day and age, where time is of the essence, dating focused mobile applications like Paktor, just like speed-dating, are go-to channels for singles to find their soul mate”

This attempt is to break the current record for the largest speed dating event that consisted of 464 participants which was held in New Zealand on the 25th July 2013.

For more information on the event and event registration:

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